Saturday, October 11, 2008

Meet Max

    Max, the toy poodle, having heard that Charley the Lizard was on my blog, is now demanding equal time. So I put together a montage of Max pictures for you to see. Before you watch it, let me tell you just a little bit about Max.

    Max is actually my older son's dog, but because he has spent the most time with me, he has sort of attached himself to me. He is very protective of me and will growl at anyone (even my husband and sons) who comes close to me if he is also nearby. He will stop growling if I tell him everything is OK, but he is ever vigilant.

    He barks if the phone rings more than twice and no one is answering it or if the timer on the stove goes off. He likes to let us know that these things are making noise, I suppose.

    Every day that the mail is delivered, he sees it as his duty to sit on the back of our couch, look out the picture window, and bark at the mailman the entire time he is in our yard. As soon as the mailman leaves and goes into the neighbor's yard, Max stops barking and settles back down.

    We have had Max close to nine years now. Actually, we are lucky that he is even still with us. When he was just a very small puppy, my younger son who was about four years old at the time and didn't realize what might happen, let Max outside of the house without being on a leash. Max got into the road and was hit by a pickup truck. To make a long story short, after some micro-surgery to place a pin in his hip, and quite a bit of recovery time when he had to wear a cone on his head and he was quite unhappy, Max finally healed. He now lives a normal life with the exception of sometimes favoring his back left leg where his hip was broken. It bothers him, especially, when he first gets up from sleeping for a while.

    He is a sweet and loving dog and is always at my side when I am at home. When I go away from the house and then return, he does a happy dance to greet me. First he spins around in a circle (a picture of his spin move is in the montage). Then he races as fast as he can from one end of the house to the other and back again. Then he will go and get either his blue ball or his rubber hot dog and bring it to me to let me know he's glad I'm home and that he wants to play with me.

    Max also wanted dancing dogs to appear here since Charley was represented by dancing lizards. So I found some dancing dog videos. Max, of course, prefers the first video because it stars a poodle. Enjoy!

    While the poodle was doing a natural happy doggy dance, here is a dog that has been specifically trained to dance with his owner.

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Meet Max

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