Friday, January 16, 2009

1st Post!

    This is my 1st ever post in a real blog i've ever created for myself. Honestly i wanted to have a blog for ma ownself but then i always have no idea how to do it and dunno wat to write about so now i decided to write about stuffs thats been going in ma life past, present and future(wat am planning) in here....

    for ma 1st post am gonna talk about someone who practically gave me a new vision of ma going abit to the past yea....i think if i am not mistaken sumwhere towards the end of october while i was spamming in kbox(ma fav forum) when i noticed there was some new member in....buthen for me new member or not doesnt really make much dif juz more ppl to crap around and have fun thats all so i didnt really bother much about her....buthen at that time we used to have this group called the ' UNDERGROUND V4' where there were 4 of us who were kinda close as we all yum cha for almost every night and discuss problems and so on, they were kinda always talking about this girl and practically it made me curious about this new girl and i wanted to check her out but then i was kinda shy and scared ppl would start saying things about me calling me buaya and so on ne....*smack head*

    And i also knew that 1 of the 4 was interested in her seriously and this caused me some dear time when he was buaya-ing her using ma lappy(ma 2nd wife~ XD), And 1 fine day while i was ular-ing from work and was online and chatting with this friend on msn and he suddenly asked me if i wanted to talk to this new girl or not and i was like i dun mind anything and then he got us into a convo and he MIA after a while ne....(damn sweat case) then we ended up adding each other up though we didnt talk to each other at all....

    There came a day when ma friend couldn't go online and talk to her so he send a msg to asking to tell her about it...i was kinda reluctant to do that though buthen though that its just a favour so i just looked for her msn and told her about it....she was kinda emo at that time and that kinda troubled me sumhow....(i knw its very weird right?) so i started to talk to her asking her wats wrg and we talked for awhile and so on ne.....Then the next day we started talking again and i realised at that time she wasn't actually telling me something that she knows about me....but i was like who cares i was there to make friends and we talked till i think sumwhere around 4 o'clock and i kinda ter-slept ne....(pai seh pai seh)

    The following day there wasn't much action as we didn't talk at all and so on....but then came sunday where clinston,( ma GODPAPA!!!) came by to ma condo to wash car and we ended up slacking in the cafe there onlining....i was talking to this girl called sunniestar from the forum as she told me that she knows japanese and asked me to help her abit with it so we were practically talking away on the voice call while clinston was talking to lexy (the girl i mentioned)...then suddenly she popped out saying in the window that she needs to talk to me and so on which made me abit kan cheong ne.....*smack head* and yea the next day we ended up talking untill almost morning and again i ter-slept ne....(why lar i always ter-sleep 1?? *smack head*)

    Then sumhow we guys ended up talking for everynight and sometimes on the day time when i am awake ne....(ma sleeping time super sesat 1) Thats when i 1st thought i am playing quite a risky game as both of us were calling each other sayang by the 17th Nov...O.O!!! That was abit too fast right...LOL!!! But thats how things started as in Kbox we went around bollywood-ing as if we were couples as we were practically doing virtual PDA all around the place!!!(KAKAKA~!XD)

    For now i think i shall pause the story here as it has a long loong looonnngg way to go more as this particular story is still going on and there ain't gonna be an end for this story ne!! We would keep on going and worst come to worst i might have to update it day by day as i might end up catching up real fast ne...(yea right)

    Anyways as this is ma 1st time blogging and so on, i am really very unsure ne. *kan cheong* I dunno how ma writing is and am worried its boring...I hope to learn more as the time passes by!!

    So for now adios amigos!!!

    ~Tree Trunk~

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1st Post!

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