Thursday, January 22, 2009

Story Continues!

    This is ma only 2nd post in this blog and i am gonna continue the story that i previously wrote about someone who has me in love tie ne...*blush* Well i think i paused at the part we first started to bollywood ne...

    Yea well we 1st started to bollywood within ourselves only in skype and msn ne...(i know its weird but who cares!) Then slowly we moved on to the forum and then facebook! (kesian facebook oso become mangsa~ XD) We continued to spent times talking over skype while she was doing her assignments and so on...Practically i was helping her keep awake while rushing her assignments...At that time we knew we were playing a very risky game by calling each other intimate names and also spending time with each other much ne...

    I am not really sure of the date when we 1st had that convo but it was sumwhere around a few days later that we practically had this talk when both oso admitted that we were playing high risk game and we would not put the fact that either 1 of us would eventually end up liking one another ne....After that talk we practically went on with the normal us and so on...Until the day came when lexy told me she might be coming to KL and so on...Sumhow 1 part of me was so happy while the other was kinda nervous, scared, kan cheong, etc... I really dunno how to explain how i felt at that time ne...

    And she took ma hp number and gave me a miss call a few days before that....I was the proud 1st guy she ever asked for the number she told me!! *blush* She send me a few sms but sadly i couldn't reply her as that time i was like super duper ruper broke and i was outa credit...T.T *smack head* And a day before she was going to come, we talked on skype when she told me that she got someone to pick her up that night and i was like, O.O!!! "How come i dunno anything??" So i asked her who it was and she told me WHO IT WAS and i was furious!!

    The main thing that kinda pissed me off was that she told us she didnt wanna see many people so wanted to keep it low so we were keeping it low and so on...suddenly someone who is practically outa from our normal group and also someone who we don't like was to pick her up! And i was like the last person to know about it! I was already stressed with ma ex (that time was ma fiancee) as we just only had a fight and to hear this, it didn't help at all...So i went off ranting this and that to her leaving her kinda stressed out....After a short while i went aorund complaining to ma another gorgor, BBS aka Spidey aka Pretty Boy aka Lampost aka Casey, (O.O!!! thats alot of aka's right...=.=") His reaction was kinda simple he asked me instead, "what's with you and lexy? You guys like each other is it? "

    That practically even got me pissed as i was trying hard not get out of control and try to explain to him in a nice way but he didn't seem to get my point so i just gave up...I tried to calm lexy up for the small bust up and didn't wanna make much fuss about it as she has her right to choose who she wanna ask help and everything...But the thing that really pissed me off again was that she told me she can't tell me anything cz i wasn't online...*smack head* She had ma number.....Anyways past was past so no point making a huge fuss again about it....Then me and papa went over to pick our princess keiko and somehow kinda got lost on the way there as i was kinda blind since ma glasses broke and practically i was having a super blur vision and was guiding purely on instincts....

    We went almost 2 rounds and finally got there...picked her up and went to ss2 for indo mee!!!(craving for it) and clinston went off sumwhere (forgot where) and me and keiko were both blind and are like super kan cheong as we were looking around and around to see which side they were coming from... Both oso super kan cheong to meet her and there they came 2-3 mins later...They walked to the table and lexy sat beside me...I was expecting myself to be super shy and nervous that i wouldn't even say a word instead i felt opposite as if i knew her for so damn long as i so damn confortable. I was stunned for awhile ne.... But after awile oni i realized about the guy who drove her there, he was DRUNK!!! WTF!! Any normal person wouldn't go and drink too much when they know they got to pick someone up right? Or if wanna drink can just say sorry can't pick you up find someone else right? NO!!!

    Looking at that, i already hate that guy and was pissed off at him that he had to go and pick her up maa....then this juz added more oil into it oni...I was very very unhappy but kept things to myself as we sat there eating then went off to bebee's place to meet prawn head princess, Vivi who came over to KL...since it was already around 5 sumthing and 9 o'clock was her gathering and so we went there to see her and i took that chance to talk to clinston on the way as i was complaining non-stop...(i can be even worst than M16 when i am upset ne) Then we went over there and talked when i took some chance to talk to lexy but then sadly vivi brought out CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM!! *drools* So practically since i am a sucker for chocolate ice cream i glided the whole hall to get to her and bebee to buaya some of it!

    It was so YUMMIE!!!!! *blush*( ma taste buds are going crazy ady!!) But they decided to close it at half save it for the next day or something so i went back to lexy but she was fast asleep...(she looked so cute when she sleeps) I didn't wanna disturb her instead i kinda got sleepy and rested ma head near her....Around 6 something she and keiko went back as that guy send them back...Me and clinston stayed back in bebee's place as clins was tired and he fell asleep so i stayed over looking for thing to do so started to spam....We guys went to the Vivi gathering near pudu area there and things were kinda still okie with us and we practically still friends untill it was almost time for Vivi to leave as i realised we grew closer even without me realising it....(i dunno if lexy did or not)

    Then we were heading back to the carpark where papa parked his car and from there we were to head to papa's place to rest and think of following plan....During the time in the car there was this moment which i don't really remember how it happened or what as we guys were holding hands in the car!!! I was sitting next to papa while lexy was behind me and keiko behind papa....

    Aiyak!! *smack head* My tendency of forgetting the world when i am story telling has made this post kinda long too ne....So i think i better stop before i make this another long boring post again yea..Promise to get the sambungan of the story soon yea! For now thanks for reading and continue your support yea!!

    Bye Bye for now!!

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Story Continues!

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