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REVIEW: Daniel X: Watch the Skies audiobook by James Patterson

    Daniel X: Watch the Skies by James Patterson

    All's quiet in the small town of Holliswood, the television sets a-glow in every home. But not all is as perfect as it seems.

    A terrifying outlaw has just arrived in town, with the goal of throwing it into chaos—and filming the pandemonium for the fellas back home.

    Only one person can stop him and his thugs from destroying the city and everyone living there. Daniel X assembles an all-star team of his own creation, but not even he could imagine the enormity of this made-for-TV-villain's powers.

    My Thoughts

    I didn't realize (not knowing that this was part of a series) that this was Young Adult until I started listening to it. But the second that I started listening to it, it became very clear very quick that this was geared towards teens.

    Daniel X is an alien hunter. He is something of a superhero from another planet, hunting down dangerous aliens that would bring harm to earth. He is assisted by a motley gang of cohorts that left me a bit confused. I'm still unclear whether they were real or figments of his imagination. I think they were real in a sense, but "summoned" from some other place. But I am still a bit confused by it all.

    At times the story was almost childish. However it was a fast audiobook, and moments were entertaining. It's a good book when you are looking for a mild distraction, like while doing housework or in the car. It doesn't take much thought. Perhaps good for someone who is particularly fond of the YA genre, but for someone like me who was reading adult books by the age of 11 or 12, I found it just mildly entertaining.

    Product Details

    • Pub. Date: July 2009
    • Publisher: Hachette Audio
    • Format: Compact Disc
    • Series: Daniel X Series, #2
    • ISBN-13: 9781600246197
    • Edition Description: Unabridged, 5 CDs
    My Rating: 7 out of 10

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REVIEW: Daniel X: Watch the Skies audiobook by James Patterson

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