Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Baby's Bday gift~

    Been wondering what gift that I could give her for this year's birthday as last year gave her a pair of earings just to find out that she doesn't use those. =( So I was left pondering what excatly would be the best give that could lid her up like the sky when a big comet passes through. And after months of ponderings and all, decided that sunflower would be the best gift as I know that she madly loves sunflowers and roses.

    So far I've only got her 1 rose and that experience is something that I'd rather not mention. *smack head* So this year I decided to give her suprise so I went and bought her a sunflower as gift!

    Here is the flower!

    Gosh must have seen her face when she saw it!! She was so so happy that it was all the I needed to see! Wish had taken a pic of her face when she saw it!

    Best gift ever I could have ever received! But that wasn't all I saved a card for the last suprise but BUMMER!! I forgot to take the pic of that card!!! BuawWww~!

    And again her face lid up again like a baby who just saw her mum!! XD SO CUTE!!!

    and yea received a nice warm warm hug with a peck!! *hyper*

    But the sad part is that, she went back today.... T____T

    More post to come on our latest weekend adventure coming up!!! XD

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My Baby's Bday gift~

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