Monday, June 28, 2010


    I was never a fan of SATC before. I used to think that it was a stupid show but few weeks ago i watched the series with my girlfriend. Though being as sceptical i can always be, I was still being negative on the show until i watched a few episodes, i realized that this is actually a good show.

    So when my girlfriend told me that the SATC 2 was coming out, I was hoping to catch it with her as i dunno with who else could i got for the show. She eventually replied saying She'd Never Watch It with Me! T___T

    So i was hoping that maybe after that we'd get a DVD eventually and watch it together again. Somehow luck was on my side as last sunday we went to watch it!

    And yea it was as expected as awesome as i hoped it would be. It was never a let down as I didn't really get much chance to catch any of the wanted to watch movies this year, it was a nice experience. The story which evolves around the below 4 ladys

    Sex and the City 2 Movie PictureSex and the City 2 Movie Picture

    Sex and the City 2 Movie PictureSex and the City 2 Movie Picture

    It was really hillarious with how the whole story was but I really salute the whole storyline as it was just awesome! Wouldn't mind watching it the 2nd time as this movie actually taught me alot of things.

    From my opinion this is a must watch movie for the young adults as there alot of valuable morale values that our community lacks at the moment! Personally this actually taught me to see things on a different angle when its regarding my girlfriend. I learned how to deal with tight situations.

    Plus wardrobe chosen for the movie!! OMG!!! AWESOME X100!!! The dresses they used sometimes makes me wonder what the HECK such dresses for certain activities but they totally proved me wrong with the way they actually carried themselves with those outfits!!!

    GOSH!! Still remember the whole storyline in ma head!! *blush*

    Note from me! DO WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN'T yet!! Thanks to my baby darling who actually didn't mind to bring me along.

    Though we made it look like a camping as we bought food worth RM28!!! while the movie was only RM18!! XDD

    but the food supplies ran off not even 15mins through the movie.... =(

    More post bout ma past weekend would be coming up soon!!! Stay Tuned Readers!!

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