Tuesday, June 29, 2010

~ Till you come by again~

    My baby's gone back again........

    It's going to be another long long wait till she's in her car again on the way to kl. How I wish it wasn't as such and I could just run to her whenever I wan to. Sigh. But still all is well as I've grown up in alot of ways since last year. More matured and trying to be more responsible of coz!

    Well that wasn't what i wanna talk about. *smack head*

    Talking about this the whole time i've got ma baby here in kl its just awesome! So awesome that I could fall sleep not outa tiredness but outa comfort. I really can't explain how I feel but to cuddle someone to sleep and wake up to see their face and feeling their warmth right beside is really awesome!! Those with the experience would know i supose! *wink*

    Well though I really miss ma baby, I know I'll be seeing her soon! So I no sad ady but looking for the day when she gonna be back her!! *cuts 1 day by 1 on the calender*

    Plus am gonna be getting ma very own Iphone soon too!!! Been really really dying to have one and am gonna get 1 thanks to Digi!! Mad &heart; Digi!!! XD

    Would certainly put it up here to brag once i get ma hands on it!! Till i get some loop hole in during my call waitings to blog guys~

    Ps: So sry guys for the rain... I supose its been raining as i broke my record as i never really posted this many blog posts ever!! This is my 7th post in June alone!!! XD

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~ Till you come by again~

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