Saturday, July 24, 2010

9 Deadly Words~

    I was kinda browsing around my facebook when i actually came across this article which i am not sure was for joke or if it was for real about the words that women use with double meanings.

    I mean of course for most guys its kinda confusing when you don't really get it and end up making things worst than it already is. Even me tend to get the wrong translations for what my baby says sometimes and really regret it. Though of course 1 word that I'd certainly know what it means is when she says "u like ar" which means she ain't happy.

    Below is the note that i found from the site that i saw this. Take a look and for guys, this could be a turning point in ur relationship as you might understand certain things about ur girl more better. =D

    Cheers people!! More posts are coming up as been wanting blog for quite some time but work load was over my head so couldn't find the time to blog at all... Finally its sunday!! XD

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9 Deadly Words~

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