Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ma New Baby Brotha~

    I've been wanting to blog about this for quite some time but couldn't manage to find any time as there has been alot of stuffs to be done at work... Anyways here is the new casanova~

    Yep, that's him! Ain't he cute!! Born on the 6th of July he falls nicely between his parent's birthdays which is on the 4th for ma papa, Clinston Ho and 8th July for ma mama, Hannah Chin Mei Fong. Sorry papa I dunno your full name.... =P

    Well I rushed of work to witness his birth but eventually only managed to catch it later than I actually wanted and there he was lying on his bed cutely....

    Sorry for the bad quality pic as me and ma papa were so Kan-Cheong overdosed that we didn't have any cameras by us. LOL. But anyways there he was surrounded by a few other babies.

    I felt my heart race when i saw him! I dunno why of cz but it was such a nice feeling i had. Though am yet to carry him, am looking forward for his full moon party thats coming up! While I get my pics for the event, below are more pics of this handsome baby~

    I was shocked myself when I actually saw this too... He is just few days old but already knows to show his tongue... LOL

    Poor fella needs to be tied up as he is kinda strong for his age... always manages to push out his hands so needed to tie him down! XD

    Well that's about it for now people! Enjoy reading as more exiting stuffs are coming up next week as there is full moon party for this fella here and also my company's event night on the 31st! My direction and also script drama is gonna be happening as well...!! Stay tuned guys!! XD

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Ma New Baby Brotha~

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