Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tough Times Ahead~

    Well been kinda shocked that I do have a few people who actually support my blog! Thank you!! Thank you people!! =)

    Anyways, it's been a tough beginning of the week for me as my probation in my company was extended and all in all now i hear from my management side that my career would depend on how my drama goes!

    I mean wtf?! My career as a customer service rep is going to be based on a freaking drama?!

    To make things even better for me, the drama team is simply "CHAOS!". Everyone with their own plans, their ideas, their own egos all wanting to be the 1 to run the show. Why didn't I just back down? Somehow I do have this feeling that things are going be more tougher for me from now on.

    Yesterday was already so bad that I was madly stressed to the extend that I pulled my papa, to go makan satay all of a sudden!! OMG!! I missed those satay so badly as I used to have it quite often before. So after then got even more stressed so ended up in Club 9 to listen to some beats and watched WWE.

    Thank god that actually helped but total damage for the night was RM50. >.<

    Yea I know RM50 is not that much but for just lazying around that seemed alot... LOLX

    But can't be doing so every night though... Now just got off work gonna go for drama practice. Yet still am hoping that things would work out 1 way or another. Hope if there is any such left. Sigh...

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Tough Times Ahead~

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