Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cop Out~

    Been like missing out on everything due to busy weeks with work while weekends too exhausted so end up hibernating so didn't really go out much. But eventually yesterday I managed to catch some time out with a few of my friends to go out drinking.

    I so don't wanna talk about the drinking part as it was kinda lame.... But after done, we guys went to one of my mate's house to watch a movie. We had 2 options which was either Cop Out or Behind Enemy Lanes II but the rest opted to watch Cop Out.

    Since I used to watch Bruce Willis alot, this movie was damn dumb! Hated it so much that I felt literally sober watching the movie. It was that bad! However if you were the type who loves the American Jokes then this is a movie to watch!


    Well there isn't much to talk about this movie as it was kinda standard NYPD movie. Hoping to catch some new movies soon. Next week have 2 birthdays coming up so saturday next week seems like a busy week. Hopely would be able to get some pics so could post it up!! XD

    Sorry for no updates for the past few days. Been busy and alot of things happened too...

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Cop Out~

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