Sunday, August 29, 2010

Monday Blues~

    How I wish things could be a little bit more different as maybe we could start work abit later and end normal. I wonder if there is anyone (working people) in this world ever do love or atleast like Mondays.


    Well mondays are mondays. Came into office as usual to listen to all the moans and groans from everywhere. Facebook, twitter, blogs, colleagues, friends and even customers. How depressing.

    It's sad I know. Never remember any Mondays where I've been crazy hyper or happy about. =(

    That's when I actually saw this quote which says ,

    Coming to think of it. Yea how true. LOL. The only great news so far is that tomorrow onwards my schedule has changed to 10.00 - 20-00! How glad that I could actually move around even slower in the mornings before work! I love to laze around in the mornings as am never a morning person but sadly work is daytime. 
    How nice would it be if everyone works in the night? That's cool ain't it? XD

    I know I did mention about a post about the most beautiful girl I've known here but I am still gathering the pics of her so hope you guys could wait till the suspend unreveals! =)

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Monday Blues~

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