Friday, August 6, 2010

Street Dance~

    Few days ago me and girlfriend went out for a movie... Finally a new movie for me! LOL...

    Well we went to watch Street Dance. Though I heard a lot of comments of this movie that this movie sucks and all, for me this movie (taking away the acting and dialog) it was awesome!! I kinda liked the storyline though of it's a typical dance movie kinda story.

    Though the movie was like released long time ago, I now only got time to go watch it. I actually felt that it was so worth it that I wouldn't mind to watch it again due to the sharpness of their dance moves!! *drools*

    But then the potong stim part was that instead of using slow motion movement they eventually put still stop for certain flip actions! LOL! That was like wtf! *smack head* Damn phail!

    This kid was really awesome! When he started dancing I was actually expecting him to bring out a solo since the beginning of the movie and he came the old school style with the radio and started dancing in the finals!!!!!! Watch else can I say... XD

    These are some of the dance scenes in the movie by dancers. Only took the main group only... LOL

    It's been really hard to get much pictures of this movie and even rare is a good picture... >.<

    So that's all about this movie.. Those who haven't watch it yet, if you want uber cool dance moves, this is the movie to watch... You don't like dance but movie, my advise is, please don't waste your money.

    Adios Guys!!

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Street Dance~

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