Monday, August 9, 2010


    Last Saturday managed to catch some time with my fellow ex-classmates Syed Faris and also Aliff Azhan with whom I've always had great memories with. So since the last time I actually met Aliff was almost a year ago, I sacrificed my sleeping time to go out to catch a movie with them.

    Syed Faris decided on the movie, we went to watch "Tekken". My supervisor Mizi, Faris's wife and brother, Faris, Aliff and me went to catch the movie. Honestly speaking, the movie was kinda let down for me.


    Though yea, I didn't really expect much, atleast I hoped that the fighting scenes would be great but instead it was more like watching a cartoon of which the ending was so freaking obvious! Felt kinda wasted my money on the movie....

    Though yea, since already there I atleast indulged myself in the kinda body size that I would wanna work myself to. Looking at Jin's well balanced build, I set my sights on reaching about that size within maybe another 6 months? XD

    Of course dun forget the Heroin of the movie! She was kinda hot too... *drool*

    Well those are the chicks of the action scenes. They were ok except when it came to the fighting part. LOL!!

    And back to out hero,

    Acting part needs a lot of improvement as he still lacked the character. But action part, I would say kudos as he did quite a good job.

    Though yea the story line was kinda fucked up too. Wouldn't really blame anyone on it as don't know where it went wrong but it was all seemed kinda awkward to me though. 

    So after the movie, we went off to play futsal in which we practically lost almost all our matches in such disappointing style that I became quite frustrated. Came back to sleep but eventually was already awake by 7am! FML gao gao!!

    It's sunday morning and I had to wake up early right? Sigh. 

    More movie review to come up as managed to catch several other new movies too... So stay tuned!!! XD

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