Friday, March 18, 2011

Howie Day - Collide

    The other day while I was rushing for a job interview, So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 was going on. And just as I was about to switch it off, I saw the most inspiring, and touching performance by Lauren and Kent. I know both the song and that performance is not a new thing but yet still I was certainly left feeling bad for not knowing it till recently!

    Well I did my research about this song and the singer. Below are his details:
    "Collide" is the second single from singer/songwriter Howie Day's second full-length album, Stop All the World Now, released in July 2004. The song, written by Howie Day and Kevin Griffin, follows in the vein of works from other pop balladeers like Dave Matthews, John Mayer and Duncan Sheik. The London Session Orchestra provided backing instrumentation on the initial album version of the song.

    "Collide" has since been used in promotion of various television series, including What About Brian, Friday Night Lights and General Hospital, as well as the 2005 film adaptation of Pride & Prejudice and the 2005 film The Perfect Man. This song has also been featured during episodes of Ghost Whisperer, Scrubs, ER, Bones, Third Watch, Cold Case, One Tree Hill, Smallville, Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Summerland and Joan of Arcadia. On General Hospital this was the song to which popular pairing Patrick and Robin, known as "Scrubs", first made on Memorial Day in 2006. This song was on Season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance featuring Kent Boyd and Lauren Froderman.

    There is the dance video, one look and I am pretty sure you'd be practically attracted to the video. Travis did a tremendous job in the choreo of this song and both the dancers are the best choice for it!

    Coming back to the song, it's such a great song! The lyrics of the song are below though.

    The dawn is breaking
    A light shining through
    You're barely waking
    And I'm tangled up in you

    But I'm open, you're closed
    Where I follow, you'll go
    I worry I won't see your face
    Light up again

    Even the best fall down sometimes
    Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
    Out of the doubt that fills my mind
    I somehow find, you and I collide

    I'm quiet, you know
    You make a first impression
    I've found I'm scared to know
    I'm always on your mind

    Even the best fall down sometimes
    Even the stars refuse to shine
    Out of the back you fall in time
    You somehow find, you and I collide

    Don't stop here
    I've lost my place
    I'm close behind

    Even the best fall down sometimes
    Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
    Out of the doubt that fills your mind
    You finally find, you and I collide

    You finally find
    You and I collide
    You finally find
    You and I collide
    Not to forget, I am also including on how this song actually fared in the song charts,
    Chart (2004) Peak
    Australian ARIA Charts 9
    Canadian Singles Chart 7
    U.S. Billboard Adult Pop Songs 7
    U.S. Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks 14
    U.S. Billboard Pop 100 14
    U.S. Billboard Hot 100 20
    Gosh am so in love with the song that it just keeps ringing in my head! How I wish I could sing so that I could make a cover for this song. That'll be so so damn freaking cool!!
    Well I supose that's about it for now. I just went through a 3 days of late night movie so the review of the movies are coming up as well. So till then guys! =D

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Howie Day - Collide

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