Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 03 - Your views on Drugs and Alcohol

    Here I am again with Day 03 topic, views on drugs and alcohol. As the young man I am, I would never deny the fact that I love drinking but am not addicted to it. Addiction is a dangerous thing. Once fallen in it, leaving it would be a tougher than anything.

    Drugs nowdays, is very popular among certain groups of youngsters and also adults. I don't know the source of their addiction but I assume that it's either curiosity or miss-education. What I mean with miss-education is that people tend to think that taking drugs is cool and etc. That is obviously wrong!

    Personal view about drugs and alcohol, I haven't got much. Because I myself love alcohol, Though drugs are big NO NO for me. Anyone can drink but not too much or making it a habit. I tend to drink once in a while nowdays that sometimes I go on months without alcohol! When I can do that, I believe anyone could!

    Drugs, never tried and never would! Just as a message to everyone, if you do drugs, try to fight the addiction to quit. For those who aren't doing drugs, best keep away from it.

    I once had a spiked drink which really screwed me up so badly that I'll never forget what happened! Of course I was told what I did, Silly! All I know was that I was knocked out for about 48 hours! Geez!

    Though I don't really feel like I fulfilled there requirement of the title, this is all for my Day 03 post. Next stop on Day 04 - Your views on religion.

    For Drinkers and Party-goers,

    I hope that you guys would put in more thought and planning before drinking after reading this. Thanks guys! We can't clap with 1 hand cause we need both. Hence we need to join forces to help make the community a better place to be in! Cheers!

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Day 03 - Your views on Drugs and Alcohol

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