Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 04 - Your Views on Religion

    Am back here once again after a week break. Sorry guys, kinda started a new job hence too tired to blog. Don't mention the chances of me going online in the 1st place though. Other than my bb, I practically ignored due to the drastic change in my body clock left me fatigued! Even right now am partially drunk in a sober state. Confusing? Drunk with sleepiness and tired-ness.

    Anyways coming back to the topic, what is religion. Everybody have their believes and followings in their lives. I've been a open minded person since god knows when! Then I kinda left everything because for me, I think religion is just believe and following.

    WAIT! Don't misunderstand what I meant over here! I ain't spreading any heresy (Ajaran Sesat) or anything. It's just my believe and SOLELY APPLICABLE TO ME AND ME ALONE! 

    Do excuse those bold-ed capital letters. I just get irritated that people always make fuss about it whenever I comment about such topics. Nobody ever asked me why I would have come to such thought but already start to lecture me and all.

    I feel like Religion was made to make people more discipline and have a guideline to follow so that the world that we live in won't be in chaos. Simple as that. Won't go into any details here. Yet still, I accept all kinda people, but as long as you don't cross my path I won't cross yours. Win - Win situation!

    Respect amongst people is important. And I believe I practice that especially when it comes about believes unless its ridiculous.

    So there you have it about my views on religion. Once again, this is my view and I meant no harm. But if I said anything that offends you guys, I sincerely apologize.

    If I get the strength and time to blog tomorrow, I'll be back with Day 05 - A time you thought about ending your own life. Kinda gruesome title eh? Anyways I shall go get my badly missed SLEEP!! Nights!!

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Day 04 - Your Views on Religion

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