Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 05 - A time you thought about ending your own life

    Glad that I actually found some space of time to talk about this. At a tender age of 13 I felt that it was rare that teenagers feel all alone though being surrounded by their friends.

    I was an emo kid just by the look because I was very good in hiding my emotions. Due to that people always thought that I was "hyper" kid and the "happy go lucky" type hence people never really bothered about how I felt. So sometimes I tend to talk to myself about things that bother me so much since I always kept them within me.
    Yea felt as if I had a real friend but I was sane enough to know that it was all my imagination. However things doesn't really help much and after advice from various random people, I decided to open up. Well I used to have scars on me, that's how these few people realized. During those times I felt so pissed to be such a phailure! 

    Being told that your an emotional person, weak in heart, hurting ur ownself and blah blah ain't nice to hear. I never liked it hence I changed once more. But life would never be easy for those meant for greater things in life, right? Well of course, this is proved based on the histories and not self praised. 

    As things went by I certainly hit my rock bottom phase in my life. I've faced a few types of phailures and I think among all those, this was the worst. Because I really didn't know what to do. Standing on top of building rooftops, with a few bottles of beers around, anything can happen from there. Of course am not attempting to die or anything just sitting there to enjoy the view, but during those times is when these thoughts came flooding.
    At it was then when the magical things happened. I had someone to share my feelings, pains with. Guys have feelings to, and they would want to be treated the same way you girls would like us to treat you to. So be nice when you sense ur partner is troubled yea! 

    So last but not least, life is not something that you can waste just like that. Ending your own life never prove anything expect stupidity and coward-ness. Maybe some might think otherwise. Think about it for a moment, you could always have a chance to turn things around whilst your still alive but once your gone, that's the end. Wasted, no?

    These cartoon images are certainly cute. And they are meant to make u smile. But at the same think, take a minute to think carefully about why is there a need to end your life as well. So just before I end, I would love to dedicate this song " When your gone - Avril Lavigne" to everyone who have lost someone dear to them in any ways. 

    Appreciate life and it will appreciate you back. Make sure you be there for those who are fragile and open up when you feel like your suffocating! Life is too precious to throw it away! 

    Live on so that you will be able to read my blog continually! Just joking! *grin* Next stop would be Day 06 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself. 

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Day 05 - A time you thought about ending your own life

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