Sunday, April 10, 2011

Glam Up! Party Time!

    I've never really wrote about anything special but today is certainly a specially Glamorous day as came up with the Glam Blog Competition! So we shall talk about what Glamorous is all about!

    1st of all, Glamorous can be defined as being full of glamour, charmingly or fascinatingly charming. It can also be defined as full of excitement, adventure and unusual activity. So think you are "glamorous" enough to join us? 

    So if you are free on coming friday, then this is the party that you should be heading to! This is of course being held by

    So all the sexy ladies out there, it's time to TAKE ACTION, BE REWARDED!!!  StarAsia Trend Nation and RIMMEL London both glamorous brands are in this as well! *wink wink*

    Well I got some tips for you all though. Maybe you could turn the heads by turning up just like those glamorous women below! 

    or even better than Fergie!

    Well guys being Glamorous is sure is sexy! If you got time, then this is the party that you should be heading to! 

    Thats me of course! But whether that is glamorous or not I shall let you all to decide! *wink* 

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Glam Up! Party Time!

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