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"RIO" reviewed!

    So last Friday night I was called by a friend asking for movie. So we went for "RIO" after all the trailers have already got us very interested and drooling to watch it. Hence we went to watch over at 1 Utama. A place I've almost forgotten how it looks like cause haven't been there for ages! (excuse the exaggeration =P)

    Rio is a 2011 3D computer-animated film and Blue Sky Studios's sixth feature film. The title refers to the Brazillian city of Rio de Janeiro, in which the film is set. It is directed by Carlos Saldanha. The characters are voiced by Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Rodrigo Santoro, Bebel Gilberto, Kate del Castillo, Jamie Foxx,, Tracy Morgan, George Lopez, Jake T. Austin, Leslie Mann, Jemaine Clement, Jane Lynch, and Robin Thicke.

    The movie's plot is as below!

    Over several years, Linda (Leslie Mann) and Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) become great friends. 15 years later, Linda owns a bookstore and brings Blu to work with her. A scientist from Rio de Janeiro, Tulio, enters the store and tells Linda that Blu is the last male of the species of macaw, and he needs to take him to Rio de Janeiro, so that Blu can mate with a female to preserve the species. Eventually, Linda agrees.In a forest near the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, birds of various species happily fly, while a baby Spix's Macaw who cannot fly watches. Several of the birds are caged by smugglers, including the Macaw. They are taken to Moose Lake, Minnesota in the United States, during winter. Many birds are abandoned, including the baby macaw, who is placed on the street. A girl named Linda sees the abandoned bird and brings it to her house, promising to take care of him forever and naming him Blu.

    Once there, Blu is placed in an oven suitable for mating, where he meets the female macaw, Jewel (Anne Hathaway). Blu falls for her and at first tries to kiss her, but she gets angry because she was only interested in escaping. Then the place is overrun by smugglers, who kidnap Blu and Jewel, chain them together and lock them in a cage. At one point Jewel opens the cage and tries to escape, but is blocked by a cockatoo named Nigel (Jermaine Clement), who belongs to the head of the smugglers. Among them also is Fernando (Jake T. Austin), a poor boy with no family, who only helps smugglers to earn some money, doing it against their will. Later, Jewel tries to escape again, with the help of Blu. As they flee, Nigel chases them through the slums of Rio De Janeiro. Just when Nigel is about to capture the macaws, he accidentally collides with the distribution transformer in the city, causing a blackout. After losing Nigel, Blu and Jewel get lost in the jungle, still near Rio de Janeiro. Jewel suggests they sleep on top of a tree, ask for help the next day, but says she prefers Blu sleep in something built by humans. They find a kiosk and they climb to the top (since Blu does not fly).

    The next day they meet a family of toucans, including their father Rafael (George Lopez), who tries to teach Blu to fly, leading to the top of a mountain and saying that Blu has to believe in himself and feel with the heart. After all, Blu was unable to fly, and was saved after landing on top of hang-gliders and umbrellas. After that Blu sees many characters, including a marmoset, and a bulldog named Luiz (Tracy Morgan), a store chain saw professional, who broke the chain that connected the two. They also meet a Red-crested Cardinal named Pedro ( and his canary friend named Nico (Jamie Foxx) who wears a green and purple striped bottlecap as a hat. Taking place that week was Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and Blu would like to fly to enjoy the party, but cannot. Meanwhile, Linda is very sad to learn that she lost her beloved bird, and even gets mad at Tulio. The two spread disappearance of several posters around town and asks several people if they saw the bird. Being very sad knowing he can fly and enjoy Carnival with his new friends, Blu walks away going to find Linda. Rafael tries to cheer him up, encouraging him to be honest about his feelings. Blu then blurts out that he hates Sama, making his friends, especially Pedro and Nico, very unhappy. He continues walking away, while Jewel flies away aswell. Unfortunately later, Nigel finds Jewel and takes her and kidnaps her again, enraging and causing Blu to go after her.

    The next morning, Fernando sees one of the posters that Linda put up and decides to look for them to say they know where the bird is. He takes the motorcycle to the place where the birds were arrested but have not found anything since they had fled. Linda then find evidence that the birds would be at a samba school at Carnival, but just as the school can enter, they dress as blue macaws. Linda appears atop a float during the carnival parade and must learn to samba. Later Blu reaches Jewel but hen is captured too by Nigel. Linda then realises Blu is being taken on a plane, and with the float they try to stop the flight, but were not successful. Linda gets very sad. During the flight, Blu devises a plan to break out of his cage. He is successful and helps the other birds out of the plane. They all fly away except for Jewel who knows Blu is afraid to leave because he still cant fly. Nigel then appears, holding down Blu and smashing a cage onto Jewel's wing, making her flightless. Blu manages to knock Nigel out of the plane with a fire extinguisher, blastig him out of the plane.

    Jewel, now flightless, is suddenly knocked by another cage which pushes her out of the plane. Blu is shocked and his bravery soon overcomes him. Although he still cannot fly, he jumps out of the plane for Jewel. Capturing Jewel in his wings, she is suprised to see Blu go after her, and as they fall, Jewel kisses Blu. Blu is then suddenly overcomed by his heart, and he held out his wings, holding Jewel with his feet, and flew, saving him and Jewel. They then descend and return to Linda and Tulio.

    The film ends showing a scene in the future showing Linda, Tulio and adopted Fernando as a family. Jewel is back into the wild, as she wanted, with her new husband Blu and their three children.
    Not to forget the music for this movie was awesome! I couldn't stop grooving until got scolded by my friend. It left me half way hanging for a party! I would love to have the soundtracks given to me! *hints*

    Track list

    1. "Real In Rio" – Jesse Eisenberg, Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway, George Lopez, & The Rio Singers
    2. "Let Me Take You To Rio (Blu’s Arrival)" – Ester Dean and Carlinhos Brown
    3. "Mas Que Nada (2011 Rio Version)" – Sérgio Mendes featuring Gracinha Leporace
    4. "Hot Wings (I Wanna Party)" – & Foxx
    5. "Pretty Bird" – Jemaine Clement
    6. "Fly Love" – Foxx
    7. "Telling The World" – Taio Cruz
    8. "Funky Monkey" – Siedah Garrett, Brown, Mikael Mutti, and Davi Vieira
    9. "Take You To Rio (Remix)" – Dean
    10. "Balanco Carioca" – Mutti
    11. "Sapo Cai" – Brown and Mutti
    12. "Samba De Orly" – Bebel Gilberto
    13. "Valsa Carioca" – Mendes
    14. "Forro da Fruta" (Bonus track) – Brown and Mutti

    So if you haven't watch to movie yet, do head to the nearest cinema to watch it! And make sure it's 3D as it is really worth it! but if you are going, bring me along too!! XD

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"RIO" reviewed!

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