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  • Rootus
    May 5, 08:50 AM
    Blow through your data cap with 650MB downloads for every point update? Not happening until Apple can deliver smaller downloads for updates.

    If I have to wait for the carriers to approve this functionality because of bandwidth concerns, then it better not count against my usage.

    /though I'm on an unlimited plan
    //but still

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  • runplaysleeprun
    Sep 12, 01:22 PM
    new itunes icon. funky. didnt it used to be this color back at like version 1.0?

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  • dan-o-mac
    Sep 12, 05:24 PM
    It's a real pity the black one has to be 8GB. Why can't we have all the colours or have it white?

    Greed on Apple's part might be the reason. I'm sure they will wait a few months after everyone has bought the 4GB in color, then announce 8GB iPod Nanos in color.

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  • reynavictor
    Apr 12, 12:26 PM
    This is long overdue for Foxconn. What if a natural disaster happened (heaven forbid) in Shenzhen?

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  • DaveGee
    Nov 2, 10:00 PM
    Who cares about Flash? Most of the time it's used, it's because the web designers are too dumb or lazy to get the page right without it, because they haven't kept out with what a modern browser is capable of.

    Hey I hate Flash more than most but in this case Adobe has a clear case of doing the right thing...

    Imagine just for a moment you were in charge of Flash at Adobe.... Okay, STOP! before you erase its entire existance off the Adobe corp. servers (and back ups) lol -- take a second and check your email and what's that you find? X hundred? x thousand?? people all crying to you why Flash doesn't work on the iPhone... If I were the man in charge I'd say enough of this crap ... we have an iPhone ready (aka SUPER CRAPTASTC!) version of Flash all packed up and ready to explode err... ready to go and Apple cuts us off?!?!? well &*#&$*( them! I'm not fielding any more nasty grams from people ask ME why its not on their stupid little crappy iPhone ... Lets tell em exactly WHY it's not and be done with the entire mess.

    Now that was me being an Adobe guy... I actually have a great fondness for my iPhone and a mild hate over the controls Apple has imposed over App store approvals. I'm also a "hey what is this FLASH?! that you speak of?!?!" and why would I ever care to have it on my machine... I've got this flash blocker and cept for certian video sites I get by just fine without seeing crappy flash presentations that are pretending to be Web pages...

    Sorry flashers. Flash is not the web no matter how much you beat the drum that it is. It's an abomination not unlike Microsofts Active X. So drop the flash-pipe, spark up a doob and read some Perl Camel books and once you've got a good head on then get some cookies and move over to some Ruby on Rails books or perhaps PHP. Get to know the 'real web'. :D

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  • XaPHER
    Oct 25, 11:59 AM

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  • Hey There!!!
    Sep 13, 10:11 PM
    Hey There !!!
    For those who care here are quite a few unboxing photos of a green nano 2 unboxing... well at least a link for the photos-

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  • AP_piano295
    Apr 26, 06:29 PM
    from something inherent in black "culture"

    What is wrong with suggesting that there might be something inherently wrong with black culture. It would be racist to suggest there is something inherently wrong with black GENES, but culture is something which can and sometimes should change.

    Parts of black culture which have proven to have negative effects in the United States is the glorification of begetting women with children regardless of marital status.

    Dialects within African American communities in the United States have also had a negative effect on the black community. Its very hard for someone to find a job if they choose not to speak passable English.

    These are issues/trends that leaders in the African American community need to think seriously about attempting to curb because they are and will continue to cause major problems.

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  • Yinmay
    Jun 24, 06:37 PM
    I'm sure the next major update (as major as 9.0 --> OS X) will have a new naming scheme. "Eleven" does not lend itself well to marketing unless Spinal Tap's your thing.

    How bout "OSean's Eleven" ;)

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  • ipacmm
    Jul 23, 03:41 AM
    I'd rather read normal book. Screens will make your eyes cry.

    I agree. I have already lost good eyesight thanks to laptops, computers, blackberries, ipods and the last thing I need is another small device to read off of.

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  • SBT
    Sep 13, 06:23 PM
    Yeh, Vista....whats good about it? lol.
    Another year to wait and even then it will probably be delayed. Meanwhile Leopard comes out and Vista will copy:p

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  • MacSA
    Jan 11, 03:58 PM
    There is something in the air....what could that mean?


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  • bedifferent
    Mar 19, 10:19 AM
    Still have my iPod hooked up via USB in my Infiniti with all my music. Flash is too expensive to replace a HDD with the required size. Maybe a slight revamp but the classic iPod is still selling well enough for Apple I don't see it being removed in the near future.

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  • craig1410
    Oct 18, 06:57 PM
    Where did you get that chair. If you have the link please link it in here. I know many people would like one.

    I got it from Ikea. Here is the link to the UK Ikea site:

    Not sure if it is available internationally but I can't see any reason why not.

    It's a really nice chair and I especially like the excellent lumbar support and useful headrest (I'm 5ft10 so YMMV). The breathable backrest is also good to avoid a sweaty back if sitting for a while.

    Edit: Just checked, the Orlando Ikea store has 15 of these chairs in stock at $199 each. :)

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  • clintob
    Oct 15, 04:35 PM
    No more than sucking on someone's tongue. :)

    I'm sorry... somebody had to ask this eventually. About how many times a day do you get an instant message or email from this forum with some kind of innane pickup line? :cool:

    . the way, my number is 555-21... (couldn't resist)

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Apr 26, 01:16 PM
    I doubt that. I think it's more about widespread anti-intellectualism among blacks, i.e. a cultural thing. This is regardless of social class, btw. More likely than not, a black guy is seen (by his own) as a traitor/sellout if dating white girls, and a phaggot if reading books.

    It has nothing to do with any characteristics inherent to Africans. It has everything to do with socioeconomic status, prejudice and politics. The culture of violence in urban, poor communities is only connected with race in that it is a symptom of prejudice.

    In the US there are far more white people with guns than blacks, and far more "anti-intellecutal" whites (c.f. the Tea Party) than blacks, and far more poor, uneducated white people committing crime than blacks. If you place white people (or any ethnicity for that matter) in the same sociopolitical/socioeconomic environment, the same crime problems result. Many rural areas in the American south or Appalachia that are almost exclusively white are every bit as poor, uneducated and crime-ridden as any urban black ghetto.

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  • msb3079
    Mar 29, 01:01 PM
    I could cause the antenna to lose all its bars by placing my one finger on the antenna... Thats ridiculous. And anyone who has one, on the At&T network and says "I've never dropped a call" is a fanboi in the worst way and flat out lying. All my iPhones, - and even non-iPhones - on AT&T's network drop calls period, all the time. Even if the antenna design was perfect on the iPhone 4, it would drop calls because of At&T's network, so yea... I don't believe that in a second.

    Not to mention all the problems people were having with the screen, and the proximity sensors... and thats all I can think of off the top of my head. I'm sure there is/was more. Also, I refused to buy another iPhone that didn't have more than 32 GB of space, since I'm currently maxing out the capacity on my current 32 GB iPhone. Thus, I decided not to upgrade to avoid dealing with all that. Really, the 4 was just problems and a few spec increases. The increased resolution of the display means nothing to me without a larger screen, and the 3GS was fast enough at the time. The one and only thing that I would have enjoyed is the bump in RAM.

    Also, design-wise, I'd take the original iPhone over any of the others. It's too bad the AL causes havoc with radio signals. I would think someone who supposedly had all the iPhones would agree. And at least not think it looked like a "toy".

    Good thing your not a designer, since when you designed crap and people called you out on it you'd be offended. :rolleyes: You'd probably not be able to emotionally handle it.

    And I 100% know what I'm talking about. Because I have an Anti-Apple opinion doesn't mean I'm ill-informed and I don't know what I'm talking about. I've worked on and dealt with enough electronics to have an informed opinion.

    So what electronic has ZERO problems??
    The more features that are packed into something, the more chances of issues. Doesn't make the iPhone 4 a "POS".

    You've never owned one, so you wouldn't know.

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  • JAT
    Oct 27, 03:57 PM
    Is that the verdict on the screw issue?

    Yes, it is. The screw has always been there. I will say that ours is no longer flush like it was at first. Brushing your hand over it means you feel the screw whereas in May we could not. So, the screw may be more noticeable if this is true for others, as well. I could see it being very annoying for some.

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  • Case-sensitive
    Nov 27, 09:51 AM
    While it can seem weird by todays standards... I think it's great to be able to critically listen to them as originally recorded to see what fantastic work and pioneers they were in the studio arena.

    Good point, well made. :)

    (still freaks my ears out when using headphones mind :D)

    Mar 28, 02:21 PM
    That Hellhole still exists? How?

    "you've got questions, we've got confused faces"

    May 5, 06:58 PM
    Because it's a ridiculous feature that only retards, who have been brainwashed into thinking it's cool, want, but the rest of us who will never use it (or even go out of their way to avoid it) will pay for.

    The human brain is capable of decoding depth out of an image using a myriad of other clues (such as occlusion) and the use of the stereoscopic effect is, in my opinion, overrated. It just results in blurred or jarred motion and a crap viewing experience.

    Just because you might find 3D fun doesn't make you "brainwashed". In fact... because you seem to be so anti-3D... you might be the one that is brainwashed :eek:

    Aug 3, 08:49 PM
    I hope isight stays. Maybe on a smaller format.
    I have mixed feelings about the built-in isight. For a desktop model I think I rather have the stand alone isight so i can easily move it around.

    Mar 11, 06:27 PM
    Would you like to hear what former president Eisenhower had to say on the issue?

    Actually, that is what those links go to :)

    Sep 7, 12:28 PM
    Surely Apple can't combine everything into something like

    Or can they?

    I normally don't pay attention to Apple patent applications, but this one's a doozie!

    Everything from 100% full screen to virtual keys, to selecting different modalities depending on orientation(!), to sensitivity to force of touch, to squeezing, to miniDVD drive, to ....

    WOW! :eek:

    Or maybe it's really the iTablet? Larger form factor than an iPod? They talk about various operating systems. Maybe it'll be OS X?

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