Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • macgeek18
    Apr 4, 03:35 PM
    When you're married, it's a partnership, and it's no longer a case of "your money" and "her money", but a case of "OUR" money. Once responsibilities are out the way, then personal purchases can be looked at, but unless you're in a job where you have a LOT of disposable income far in excess of what's required to pay the mortgage and many bills, then yes it's only right you make sure you have the money to go out and buy a gadget which, most of the time, only you will use.

    I'm fortunate that my wife enjoys using technology, but I still wouldn't go out on payday and just buy a new gadget without at least letting her know I was doing it, and if I spend money on something, it's only fair she does the same ... which means for whatever you spend, you need to double it and again it's only after looking at bills and responsibilities that you can do so.

    Good post man. :) You obviously have your priorities straight.

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  • NYC Russ
    Apr 12, 12:30 PM
    Don't worry.

    If the Chinese economy keeps growing at the same rate over the next decade they will be setting up manufacturing plants in the USA to take advantage of the cheap American labour. ;)

    Haier, a Chinese company, currently manufactures appliances in South Carolina. Labor costs are not that relevant in modern manufacturing because of the level of automation.

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 4, 05:12 PM
    I ordered a 30GB iPod and the standard white 1,83Ghz Macbook on September 2nd, and it said it was due to ship out on the 13th. I therefore thought that they'd upgrade the iPod (more likely than the MB) before sending it to me, but I just got an e-mail saying it shipped today.

    Bit bummed that I didn't get the upgrade (well, I can only presume), but at the same time stoked to get my Macbook and iPod more than a week earlier than I first thought!

    Just FYI.

    It has been reported, and confirmed by apple, the macbook delays have been due to the back-to-school rush, which happens every year. They've been conservative about ship dates during this time.

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  • ZoomZoomZoom
    Sep 6, 08:31 AM
    Anyone knows how the GeForce 7600 GT compares to the Radeon X1X00 series?
    Similar to the X1800 GT?

    Must be better/faster than the X1600....

    On par with x1800, about twice as fast as x1600.

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  • gnasher729
    Apr 14, 12:47 PM
    I can see Apple moving into third over the next two years.

    That would be totally irrelevant.

    Except for Apple, they all build the same old PCs. Because they all build the same product, sales can move from one company to another company very, very quickly, as we can see from the enormous growth followed by a very quick fall of Acer. Apple has 9.3%, so the rest has 90.7%. It would be possible with these numbers to have nine companies selling more than Apple. If Apple doubles their share to 18.6%, you still could have four companies selling more than Apple.

    Apple's position in this chart doesn't matter one bit; not even the market share really matters; the thing that matters is how many Macs are sold. If HP takes a few sales away from Toshiba, Apple comes third. But if Acer takes a few sales away from HP instead, Apple comes fifth. What does it matter? (BTW. The IDC report at macobserver shows Apple fourth, with Acer having lost a lot more and coming fifth, not third).

    The simple fact is, Apple is selling tons of product and will not change their pricing methodology to be competitive (iOS devices aside). I just scratch my head when all the Apple-ites on MR jump down my throat to defend Apple's pricing *Yes Sir may I have another.

    If Apple is selling tons of products, in a market with plenty of competitors, how can they be not competitive? 9.3% of buyers in the USA decided that for their money, a Mac is the best computer they can find.

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  • mandis
    Nov 8, 08:05 AM
    They are mighty Powerfull and reasonably cheap. I have to admit that i was secretly hoping for an updated GFX chip. I suppose the GMA950 will have to do...

    Hmm... where did i put that damn credit card? :D

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  • Blaxje
    Jan 11, 04:53 PM
    I bet it has to do something with the Greener Apple project.
    "There is something in the air." is probably a reference to toxins and bad stuff released to the enviroment by Macs, currently.

    So with that said, Steve will introduce the following enhanced products:

    - New Cinema Displays, thinner, aluminium, LED backlight.
    - New MacBooks (we know 13,3" LED displays were ordered by Apple some weeks ago), same design, new aluminium casing, LED backlight.

    Apart from that, there are the changes that are likely going to happen:
    - iTunes 7.6, including movie rentals
    - iPhone 1.1.3 sofware (probably dubbed 1.2.0 or so)
    - Updates on the 3G iPhone

    None of the banners in the past really "teased" us with information about an upcoming product. They were just headlines offering some information about which route Apple was going.

    Is there a list of MacWorld banners from the past? Love to see that.

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  • tfskora
    May 4, 09:51 PM
    no thanks.

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  • Mastidon
    Mar 29, 02:33 AM
    You would think it was a U2 concert or something.

    I have been to the past 2 WWDCs. I got 2 tickets yesterday, one for myself and one for my Director of Engineering. I debated on buying that second or holding off. Glad I didn't hold off.

    I certainly understand the Keynote is the most exciting thing. Hey, I still tell people Steve Jobs yelled at me (and everybody else in the room) last year during it.

    The sessions are good, but the labs are even better. Normally, Apple development support is mediocre on a good day for any of the new APIs. Sending an email only waiting for a vague response. But WWDC is something different. You can get your code reviewed and get direct answers to questions. If you are a serious developer, this show is worth te price of buying a scalped ticket. :D

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  • spillproof
    Mar 25, 05:50 PM
    :mad::( iTunes crashed as soon as it turned off my iPhone. Thank Darwin for TinyUmbrella.

    Uh oh, now you're going to unleash the fury of the autism brigade. Asperger's isn't a personality disorder!

    It is a psychological condition/disorder, correct?

    Edit: others beat me too it. I'm on a friend' iTouch.

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  • Funkatronic
    Mar 7, 12:03 AM
    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5295/5502889504_30633d9851.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/yohul/5502889504/)
    Untitled (http://www.flickr.com/photos/yohul/5502889504/) by yohul (http://www.flickr.com/people/yohul/), on Flickr

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 18, 09:22 AM
    Keep in mind Toys R' Us does not support the US Constitution, specifically the 2nd Amendment. While they are a private business and can say what is or isn't permitted in their stores, I will not patronize businesses that infringe upon my rights as an American citizen.

    The right to bear arms ? In a toy store ? Really...

    And they don't infringe your rights at all, the constitution grants you rights in your dealings with the government, not private entities.

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  • Photics
    Apr 11, 05:38 PM
    This is not exactly a tough decision...

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  • mrsir2009
    Apr 14, 01:10 PM
    I think this is the two ways the market share for Macs is gained:

    1. Windows users buy an iDevice, then another iDevice, then another iDevice... Then they buy a Mac.

    2. Hardcore Mac users (like myself) have children and because of the heavy Mac influence from the start, they turn out to like and use Macs. Thats what happened with me. I grew up with all Macs and no Windows:D

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  • yankeex777
    Mar 29, 09:01 AM
    Will ATT have signifigant enough LTE coverage by then? Or would and LTE iPhone only be offered to Verizon?

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  • cmob
    Jan 11, 04:19 PM
    Jobs will be taking all the unsold Apple TV units and shooting them out of a giant canon.

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  • Warbrain
    Nov 7, 07:56 AM
    agree - apple needs a thin and light 12" laptop or similar.

    Yea, but it will never happen. Read through the thread for my reasons why.

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  • Mark-Mac-Attack
    Oct 15, 03:12 AM
    Mark - what desk is that?

    Mikael for the majority of shots (first one with optional glass), then another Ikea desk that I don't know (I didn't buy that one).


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  • sierra oscar
    Nov 7, 01:44 AM
    I Think C2D MacBook Tomorrow But Election May Delay A Day.

    Nothing different except C2D at same speeds, 3GB option, 160GB and 200GB HD Offerings.

    Fair thought - but aren't Apple a Global company with a global product? I would have thought anything local wouldn't impact on a worldwide strategy...but then again...

    Nov 23, 04:33 PM
    The Beatles: Four guys who needed each other, because individually they were musical infants.

    No, thanks.

    I'm not going to pretend to be a huge fan, or even a fan. They were before my time, but I think that's a bit of a reach.

    I mean, Imagine...not exactly a nursery rhyme.

    Sep 6, 10:27 AM
    So, does anyone want to buy this option with their mac and I'll pay the $60 for both of them. Ok... $70 for your time and shipping. ;)

    Well, lets see where would they put it? Between Mac Mini and iMac.... you know in that $200 difference. Or maybe between iMac and Pro Mac.... in that what $300 difference. It seems like the Mac Mini bump and iMac expansion have left no room in the line-up for another Mac. Even with conroes... all speeds, sizes, prices are covered. There isn't room for a Conroe Mac. Period.

    They probably aren't even going to use Conroe chips because I bet its a lot more work to redesign the iMac to use Conroe and then set up another supply chain just for Conroe chips when they could just use Merom and Woodcrest solely, it seems to fulfill their line-up well and makes it simpler for logistics.

    I bet you a BT Might Mouse we won't see a Conroe Mac in the next 4 months.

    Spot on and intelligently put. ;)

    Apr 4, 05:15 PM
    Heh, my roommate tells me he's got a family friend where the husband and wife have figured out a good compromise (only works if both sides are actually decent with money ;) ).

    If either buys an expensive purchase, the other side gets to also buy something of equivalent value. Apparently it keeps them in check about overspending cause they realize it will cost their household twice the amount of money and it stays fair cause both sides get to enjoy a purchase of their own.

    My wife and I have a similar arrangement. I can have something expensive for my birthday. She can have her expensive curtains or sofa..etc. It works great and it is fair for the two of us. I got Adobe Photoshop Cs5, Audition and Lightroom and a Technet membership. She got cloths and a very expensive coat. I still don't know what to get for my next birthday. :cool:

    Sep 12, 03:45 PM
    Seems like black is, well, the new black.

    I suppose the 8GB Nano only being available in black is some kind of status thing.

    Though I really like the new cases a lot as throwbacks to the Mini. I've got a 20GB 2G iPod from back in the day that's still going strong. But it's nice to know I could replace it with something as cool looking as the old Minis - especially in a year or so when Nano capacity will probably be 8-16GB (or maybe even over 20GB?!).

    May 4, 11:06 PM
    no, this will not happen. RCR is looking for publicity.

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