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  • Manic Mouse
    Sep 6, 10:15 AM
    The Mac Pro dude, the Mac Pro is the desktop.

    Funny, I though it was labeled as a workstation. And used workstation parts. And cost as much as a workstation.

    My mistake! It's actually a reasonably priced desktop.

    ... Or not.

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  • blitzkrieg79
    Apr 12, 07:30 PM
    If Apple manufactured their products in the US, the iPhone would probably cost $999 with a 2-year contract and the iPad would probably cost $1599 for the 16GB model.

    When you have to pay someone $12 an hour to work an assembly line and pay for benefits and payroll taxes, that raises costs a lot to a country where you can pay 75 cents per hour and benefits like health insurance cost $5 a month rather than $500.

    A 25-page document isn't necessary and the law would be dumb. All that it takes is for someone to take a basic economics course.

    Americans who complain about jobs leaving overseas need to realize that when they go shopping they need to put their money where their mouth is. Everyone pays lip service to "made in the usa" but when they look at the price tags in the store they buy made in china!

    The thing to watch here is if the quality improves when production is done in Brazil. If the production quality is the same or better, that's good news for consumers.

    Recently I have purchased two truck toys for my kid, one was a made in China Tonka truck $50, the other was a Bruder truck $50 made in Germany, about same size trucks, same functionality, and the Bruder was made out of nice soft plastics where Tonka was made from hard cheap plastics, plus if you would even look at both of the toys you would see just how much better and how much more detail the Bruder had over Tonka. Anyway, one would think that a childs toys is a low skill labor job and that it wouldn't make any sense building it in a highly developed nation yet somehow its doable in Germany. I see more made in EU toys in European Union countries than I see made in USA toys in USA (which is almost zero). This is just an example to show that simply US companies are more greedy and they just want more bottom line profit, nothing else. They don't care about local communities, their towns, basically their own consumer base, because the people who make it are also the people who buy it. But this kind of mentality is good for short term investment, what happens if your entire middle class disappears (its been happening for the past 25 years)? Who will buy the overpriced Nike or Apple products? I could see an advantage of cheaper labor in labor intensive niche products but those products are expensive to begin with, so if a person would be able to afford a $2000 Coach made in China bag, then they could easily afford a $2250 made in USA bag. Again, labor cost difference in mass production items is minimal.

    Another issue is outsourcing of ALL the jobs, these days you have doctors from Russia reading the CT scans or X Rays for American practices and does a US patient see a decrease in medical costs??? NOPE You have paralegals outsourced all over the world, programmers/IT, lawyers, pretty much any industry can be outsourced these days except for services. And again, the savings in labor are not passed towards the consumer, its more about increasing profits for select few.

    Do you really think that iPhone would cost $999 if it were made in USA? It would be maybe $50-75 more expensive than it is now and all the money would stay within the country making the country stronger and local economies strong and stable. And last but not least, US government allows all of this, its funny how for over 50 years they were battling USSR and communism yet since the 1970s they helped one of the most oppressive communist countries which is China become a world power. On one hand USA is trying to teach "democracy" in the Middle East and yet they do business with one of the largest oppressive countries in the world. Anyway, I'll end my rant, its not like the world will change tomorrow.

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  • jeffreysousa
    Sep 6, 09:46 AM
    What happened to the MacBook Pros with Merom? Not that I'm complaining about the iMac, but don't you all think that the professionals are the ones most in need of the Core 2 Duo right now? Most average Joe iMac consumers aren't even going to notice that the Core 2 Duo is in their machine, and even if they do, it's probably not going to make that much of a difference running Mail and Safari.

    I hope Apple has enough Merom chips to launch MBP Merom soon...wasn't there some sort of rationing going on from Intel because of the high demand?


    -Obnoxious waiting-for-the-mbp Guy

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  • milo
    Sep 12, 05:01 PM
    not sure if anyone else has touched on this, but did anyone notice that music videos are gone?

    Nope, they're just included in the MUSIC category.

    How is apple service different from Amazon?. Other than a pretty interface (last time i checked, pretty interfaces did not save me money or help pay the bills).. what's different?. Is the pricing different?.. are the restrictions different?.. why shouldn't I buy from amazon.. what happened to "when apple comes out with their service, they will kill amazon"??

    Pricing is different, cheaper in some cases with a lower max price. And restrictions are much better in iTunes, 5 versus 2. Plus the amazon thing isn't mac compatible, it behaves like spyware, and requires a custom player to play the files.

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  • Lau
    Sep 13, 09:41 AM
    Ooh, imagine an aluminium nano with white enameled shiny finish. :)

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  • woodman
    Aug 4, 03:54 PM
    Augh, I was hoping they would redesign the G5 case. Its been 3 years!! Cmon apple, stop milking old designs. I think this is the first time that Apple hasnt changed the look of the case when going to a new processor (theyve even changed cases when NOT changing processors...)


    Remember the beige G3's? When Jobs first came back, he put the 233 G3's into the same beige boxes the old 604's were in so that they could be released sooner.

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  • Groovey
    Nov 7, 05:42 AM
    Hopefully it will come out within a fortnight otherwise it will be a long wait to MWSF :( I envisage just increased HD and possibly 1GB ram standard if it comes out within the fortnight. But if the C2D Macbook comes out MWSF there better be some decent upgrades! Maybe dedicated graphics card or at least the X3000.

    That's exactly the same hope I'm living in. I'd guess the update is just around the corner. They're just itching to get their hands on our money before christmas. And also that way we can keep whining about the lack of a GPU. But a tiny bump on RAM and HD wouldn't be bad! :)

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  • maclaptop
    May 5, 06:55 PM
    So...are you on VZW? Do you actually have a care in this matter, or is it just another way to rant on others?

    AT&T still has people on $30 unlimited because they are grandfathered in. So will VZW, if they actually change the plans.

    I read my Verizon TOS. Then I called since I am considering adding a line. Unfortunately they don't grandfather their plans. However after I spoke with a supervisor, I understand how they have their data only, structured. It's very smart of them, designed to make money for Verizon, without adding complications for the customer.

    In the ten years I've been with them about the only drawback is they do tend to be the most expensive. But you get what you pay for. So now I'm clear that unlimited is month to month and can be eliminated at any time. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

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  • ssteve
    Aug 24, 06:16 PM
    My battery serial number was in the 3K437 range, but the website accepted my computers serial number, but not the battery...

    So i changed the last letter of my battery serial number from an A to a C (B diden't work)

    And it went thru.....

    :D sweet

    Wow, I have already replied to this one above, but below is his brother apparently.

    I have a battery that seems to be on the recall list, I have a PB G4 - Model No. A1148 - Serial No. 3K542...A. But it says that the serial number is invalid. I did try to see if I could switch the last part of the number which is an "A" to "B" or "C" and while it did not take "B", it did take "C" as a valid serial number. I have had my battery for 10 months and it has worked fine and charges up to 100% with no problem and I have had no heating issues to date.

    Anyway, I don't know what's up with their site. Just thought I'd contribute my two cents.

    So even though I have a MBP and not a PB I can probably get a new battery as well by changing the serial numbers despite what is really on my battery.


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  • MacinDoc
    Sep 5, 12:04 AM
    The thing that's frustrated me with Apple is the long wait for even minor product updates. The Merom update across the line should be a no brainer especially since the chip is more efficient and is easy to implement. Almost every other manufacturer announced Merom laptops already. Knowing Apple though, they'll just drag it out without mercy and only do the Merom updates in January for Macworld. In the meantime, we'll all be wondering if perhaps next week would be the right time to buy a new notebook because of some hot new rumor. Very frustrating. Now that Apple has switched to Intel, why not do chip updates without the fanfare that accompanied the minor PowerPC updates? :rolleyes:
    What long wait? Merom was just introduced last week, and nobody is shipping computers with Merom yet. Apple is moving away from just doing product refreshes at MWSF. In order to maximize media exposure, Apple has recently been upgrading a few products at a time (usually 2-3), but avoids introducing something on the same day as another manufacturer.

    Apple will introduce Merom-based products this month, you can count on it.

    After all, when was the last time AppleInsider and ThinkSecret agreed on anything? ;)

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Oct 5, 01:05 PM
    Thanks for that SIS...this especially makes me happy in pants :o

    "*Removed heavy vehicles from all 4v4 Team Objective gametypes"
    Yes, that and the swapping of the Scorpion for a Wraith on Hemorrhage is great. I'm most excited about Rocket Race coming back. I played that gametype the most in Halo 3, so I'm hoping it remains as fun in Reach.
    Sometimes I have as much fun taking screenshots as I do just playing the damn game.

    ODST Bros unite!!




    And here is a pretty awesome film clip I made. I was trying to bring the Falcon to help my team finish off a round of Invasion, when someone on the other team tried to intercept me in a Banshee. I couldn't escape, so I decided to just, shall we say, trade seats with him... in mid air. Not only did I accomplish it, but we were over the water when I kicked him out, so he died in the process. :D


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  • qualleyiv
    Aug 2, 11:33 PM
    Hey guys, allow me to redirect the conversation here because I think you're all missing the point a little bit:

    OK, so I just watched the video and all I can say is that the video demo IN NO WAY proves that they've done what they say they can do. First, the BIGGEST thing in this exploit was that this hack was supposed to work without having to connect the hacked machine to any network, yet the first thing they did in the demo was CONNECT the Mac to the Dell!!! Not to mention that they attached a third-party network adaptor (if that was even what it was). Even then, all they got was a shell for the current user.

    That doesn't even start to get to the issue of what the video actually showed--which was VERY LITTLE. Just watch it, where is the proof that they even actually did the things which they claimed? I could have made that video EASILY. When I first read the report, I thought the video was going to be one of something that was done LIVE! Hardly...

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  • GregA
    Jul 23, 07:27 AM
    this would be fantastic.. ebooks and i would also like to see pdf added to the list!! the current text feature is nice but adding pdf abilities would be better :)
    And websites, RSS etc. We need a simple way of quickly grabbing a lot of webstuff to synchronise.

    Then again - if you take the current iPod, make it full screen, replace the hard disk with 10GB flash ram & bluetooth/wireless (will that combo increase battery life?).... maybe we'll update on the go.

    Please apple, something lighweight, long battery life, thin and portable, scratch-resistant, and super high res/high contrast screen (OLED/eInk?).

    edit: also magazine support for those macworlds I have in the Zinio reader format would be awesomeIf this happens, would it be as an extension of the existing iPod, or as a similar/related product? Can you imagine a light & thin iPod nano with an 8x6 inch eInk screen, for instance?

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  • boncellis
    Jul 23, 06:29 PM
    It's funny because there are devices that allow you to do these things.
    Apple allows the normal people to move forward in the technology world.

    You're right. Apple is a prime example of making otherwise foreign technology mainstream with a little cachet. Sounds simple, but it ain't.

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  • macridah
    Nov 23, 04:56 PM
    I bought 10 out of those 2,000,000 songs

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  • MonkeySee....
    Nov 24, 08:09 AM
    While there's some positive link between Mac-usage and intellect, you shouldn't take that information as meaning that posting on a Mac Forum gets you any intellect points.

    So far, you've added nothing but focusing on the messenger. Which is typical, if knowledge about the topic of discussion is superficial at best.

    For all to see.

    Sleep tight under your Beatles blanket, son.


    What do you want me to say that people haven't already voiced?

    That The Beatles have received 7 Grammy Awards and 15 Ivor Novello Awards.

    That they have been awarded 6 Diamond albums, as well as 24 Multi-Platinum albums, 39 Platinum albums and 45 Gold albums in the United States and in the UK they have 4 Multi-Platinum albums, 4 Platinum albums, 8 Gold albums and 1 Silver album?

    The fact that you can just dismiss them is laughable but hey i don't want to upset you anymore than i have.

    Oh and stop calling me son.

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  • mrweirdo
    Oct 29, 01:31 AM
    Just my luck I was gona take my macbook in for RSD tomorrow to get the heatsink replaced and now they come out with this fix. There is defiantly something wrong with the hardware though(i believe the heatsink has burned through some of the wires) besides the random shutdown when my system is at idle my fans will kick in suddenly at full speed then run for about a minute that fast or sometimes cut out completely then start up again. Something that it never did before rsd developed.

    I bet if i take it in tomorrow they will just tell me to apply this update which does nothing to solve the damage that has already been done to my macbook. My guess this is a fix apple has done to get them out of the 1 year warranty period were the macbook will then develop further hardware problems. Then you will have to pay out of pocket to get it fixed unless you buy apple care. Also this temporary patch helps them sell more apple care subscriptions.

    All i can say is i better not have hardware issues after my year is up or I'm done with apple :(

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  • Analog Kid
    Aug 2, 07:57 PM
    Wow! It's really disturbing how many people are so quick to call this an unfair attack on Apple-- and how quickly the argument on this board gets labeled as "apologists" against "bashers".

    What's next? The code was written at Apple, but by a contractor? The guy who wrote that code has only been with the company for a year? None of the other coders like the guy responsible for that one, so it doesn't count?

    Look: I don't care who wrote what code-- if it makes my machine vulnerable then it's bad. It's not whether Apple wrote it, or whether or not they tested sufficiently (which is nuts because most stuff like this needs to be designed properly-- it's nearly impossible to test all the possible vectors)-- it's that my Mac isn't secure.

    Or someone else's, as I don't have a Macbook, but you get the idea...

    When Apple started advertising its security, we knew this would start to happen. If you tell someone they can't, they'll want to prove they can. The question isn't whether vulnerabilities turn up, because they certainly will, it's how Apple handles it from here. Are they upfront and quick to respond, or do they forward you to Symantec?

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  • balabab
    Nov 27, 02:40 AM
    Apple should bundle the ClickToFlash plug-in into Mobile Safari. It prevents flash from running unless you really want it to run. This should address, in part, Apple's stated reason for not allowing flash (battery drain and stability) as the user would only enable it for those parts of the web that they really want to see.

    And, while they are at it, they should enable file uploads in Mobile Safari to upload photos and videos.

    I hate only being able to use part of the internet on my iPhone when there is no technical reason I shouldn't be able to do both Flash on demand and file uploads.

    Give this man/woman/fish (*delete as applicable*) a prize. In a nutshell, this is precisely why Adobe Flash isn't available on the iPhone - Adobe have never been able to make it work under OS X. I have a 2.33GHz Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro and Flash consumes approximately 120% processor time just to playback a low-resolution YouTube video. Under no circumstances would I want to bring code that requires so much resources to do so little to a mobile device. Can you imagine what this would do to your browsing experience and battery life?

    I have a lot against Adobe Flash but it is a fact of life and therefore I would like access to Flash content on the iPhone but it has to be done in a way that is appropriate and, right now, I have absolutely no faith that Adobe has a solution that wouldn't destroy the user experience.

    Nov 12, 12:14 PM
    This tweet (http://twitter.com/counternotions/status/5639310946) might explain it.

    Walled garden is what makes it work. I don't want everyone in the world to see me on there. I don't want my information on facebook outside of facebook.

    It's better because of the walled garden. Sure it might be better functionality-wise if it was open. But my identity is sort of important to me and if that was compromised that doesn't benefit me at all.

    So, sure. Irony. But there's a good reason for the walled garden.

    Apr 11, 05:48 PM
    Well this is interesting...

    On Adobe's website, it has announced the date of termination for CS Live Services, being April 12 2012. Maybe this will coincide with the date of the CS6 launch?

    Apr 11, 06:42 PM
    I fully agree with the concept of a fair playing field. Maybe the middle ground is going to be found in the cloud, but I doubt it.

    Except the cloud might be manipulated by subscription, terms of use, and other policies that do far more to benefit the cloud service (SaaS) provider. Especially regarding copyrights... in return, the cloud has one relying more on the security and storage of the cloud vendor. Since cloud vendors are only interested in the money, they're not going to take the same level of care or precautions we otherwise would.

    Oct 16, 09:30 AM
    Want to really make it good, be able to do wireless between the iPod and the Zune. That will get Bill Gate's undies in a twist!

    Mar 18, 06:08 PM
    I really hope that the Classic stays until we have a competing 128-256 GB iPod with physical buttons for at least play, fast forward and rewind. Thunderbolt would be a very nice bonus.

    Now I don't know what to do. I need an iPod that can hold all of my media (just my music alone is over 100 GB) so I can bring it with me wherever I go. (I hate having to choose a portion of my music instead of just grabbing it all.) But the MacRumors Buyer's Guide says not to buy - update soon. So is Apple going to kill it or release a new version? If I wait, I might miss out on getting one. But if I get one now, I might miss out on a better model. Ugh.

    Because iPod Classics use a standard 1.8" ATA-66 hard drive, they can be upgraded with the right tools. I recommend getting one now and upgrading the drive later if it gets too small.

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