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  • sreedhar
    11-19 02:14 PM
    It only makes me wonder how many more applications with PDS older than 2001 (substitution or not ) from India are still pending :( . Good luck to all of you guys who has PD older than mine (Sep 2004 EB3), unless you are out of the queue I dont get mine :)

    Same Thoughts Here too...:)

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  • pappu
    09-22 06:30 PM
    Obama declines using administrative action to push immigration reform
    By Michael O'Brien

    President Obama suggested that he would not pursue reforms to the
    immigration system through regulations or other administrative policies.

    The president said it was important for immigration reform to go through
    Congress, lest opponents of comprehensive reform use regulations as a
    political opportunity.

    "You know, it is a very difficult thing to do administratively, and because
    we want comprehensive reform, and because we want the Dream Act, what we
    don't want to do is give an excuse to the opposition to say, 'Obama's trying
    to do an end-run around Congress,'" Obama
    said during an interview on Telemundo ....

    Obama has faced criticism from the Hispanic community for failing to follow
    through on his pledge to reform the immigration system. He told members of
    the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) last week, though, that he would not
    "walk away" from reform, and called on Republicans to join him in passing

    But Republicans in the Senate have appeared unwilling to find middle ground
    with the president over immigration. The Senate GOP has said it would oppose
    including the Dream Act, a piece of immigration legislation favored by many
    Democrats, in the Defense Authorization bill.

    "It appears we're not going to get this done before the election," Obama
    told Telemundo of the Dream Act. ...

    "We've got to build a consensus around this country," said the president. "I
    think we can."

    For the full article:
    Obama declines using administrative action to push immigration reform - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room (

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  • punjabi
    09-10 08:31 PM
    I don't know much about Canada PR, but the 2nd option sounds good to me. Make sure your new employer is willing to give you a Joining Letter with the similar job responsibilities, job title, etc upon which your 485 is based.

    Good Luck.

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  • Rune
    June 13th, 2004, 02:31 AM
    If that is such the case, ISO800 is noisy and you can't really shoot above that.

    but judging by comments elsewhere, the resolution is very good on lower ISO shots. (better than the 1D Mark II some say?)

    It's also a model that has been out for a while. A replacement is overdue? (Photokina...)

    If we're talking strategy :p, then I believe this is the time to consider waiting. Almost every camera except the 1D Mark II will likely be superceded by newer and cheaper models come September. (10D, S2, 300D, D70 and perhaps Sigma SD10 is my guess) That date is not that far off... (usually no point in waiting, but if the original poster already has a camera and is in no rush...)


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  • illusions
    02-21 12:26 PM
    With the new rule on FBI name checks, a potential 47K with current PDs could get their GS's soon. I wonder how much of a shift we will see in the PD's from now, after the 47K is not taken into account. I would predict a minimum of atleast a year jump, or am I being optimistic. :confused:

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  • adusumilli
    09-21 08:50 AM
    I called USCIS and spoke to Nebraska IO and she said they are sorry some of these notices went out in error. She checked my case and said I am set and no need to panic.



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  • ilwaiting
    08-07 02:19 PM
    Well I had explored this option quite extensively too and
    gave up my canadian PR after seeing that its not a viable option.

    PR residents and canadian citizens need to get nexus pass at the border if they intend to live in canada and work in us. You need to undergo an extensive interview with US CBP. where in quite a lot of documents and neccessity are questioned and evaualted by US authorities. Also there is no guarantee that one would get it inspite of undergoing the interview. Its like acquiring a visa. If you say you had been living in US for the last 7-10 yrs and now tell them you are moving to canada because you want to work in US, that might be a problem.

    check out

    Cars coming into Canada and USA are checked and custom duties applied even for half eaten sandwiches. This causes uncertain wait times and delayes

    Not many IT jobs(not sure what you are) in detroit area and you need to maintain your H1 status. What if your projects ends in detroit what would you do?

    There are many more issues, can't explain all here.

    Bascially nexus is a good option for canadian citizens not for PR.

    I am an EB3 India applicant with a PD of August 2001. Cant file I 485 due to retro so cant get AP or EAD for spouse. I am currently in 7th yr of H1 and will soon be applying for 3 yr extension for 8,9,10 th yr based on approved I 140.
    I am also a Canadian PR and one option is to move to Canada. However one option which I have been researching seriously lately is to live in Windsor, Ontario and work in Detroit , Michigan.
    Windsor and Detroit are both Urban areas and twin cities on each side of the border connected by bridge and a tunnel. From Windsor most of Detroit metro is only 1 hrs drive. Downtown Detroit is only half hr drive.

    Here are some advantages to this.

    1) You keep your H1 B visa, and US Salary.
    2) You earn time towards maintaining your Canadian residency and even Canadian Citizenship.
    3) You have best of both worlds. (US Salaries opportunities, Canadian healthcare/social benefits).
    4) Spouse can work in Canada and keep H4 also.
    5) Can continue GC process without loss of security.
    6) Visit other cities in US. ie even if spouse /fly is in other city you can easily commute once a month etc.
    7) Once you get GC you can always move back to US.


    1) Crossing border each day (normally not an issue but border gets busy on some days).
    2) Paying Canadian income tax.
    3) Only possible if you get transfer to Detroit or new job there.
    4) If you own home etc or your wife is studying etc you may have to live separately for some time.

    Has anyone done this or knows anyone who has done this ? In theory and on paper its a good idea. Apparently thousand of ppl (even non immigrants) do this both ways.
    Any insights anyone can share ? This may be good option in many cases.

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  • clif
    05-13 12:07 AM
    How many photos should be sent along with the supporting documents? I have concurrently e-filed I765 and I131 renewals.


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  • lazycis
    12-18 03:14 PM
    As per AC21 rule, it is from Receipt. However, let's put some practicality into the matter. Some IO's interpret the rule wrongly and used Notice Date instead. So what will happen? Your GC denied for wrong reasons and you file for MTR because it was USCIS mistake. If you're willing to take the chance, then go. If not, better use Notice Date for practicality purposes and to avoid all the hassle of MTR, etc.

    Very good point. It's not worth the hassle to take a chance unless it's absolutely necessary.

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  • whattodo
    02-22 10:04 AM
    Is the text of CIR already published? Is there a link to that?

    I dont know how far this bill will get, given the facts that it has weaker workplace enforcement laws plus a direct path to citizens. This is exactly what the Republicans dont want.


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  • dixie
    11-28 05:01 PM
    Some of us here are under the grand illusion that

    (a) the lawmakes consider relief for skilled immigrants in isolation to be an important enough issue that they will make it a priority

    (b) Relief for EB immigrants is totally non-controversial and everybody and his brother will back us.

    Both assumptions are dead wrong. If 900 of the biggest companies and universities in america cannot convince congress to make SKIL bill a priority, then you know what a formidable challenge lies ahead of us.
    As for EB relief being non-controvesial, I only need give one counter-example : S 1932.

    We are all desperate for any relief : I repeat ANY. To think that the core team would be so shortsighted as to only pursue grandiose bills like CIR and not be on the look out for smaller relief measures is naive and severely underestimating their intelligence.

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  • kris04
    07-09 07:38 PM

    My attorney received an EVL RFE for my I-485 case. My PD is 2007 EB3 so I don't have any hope of getting GC but I guess they are just pre-adjucating my case.

    Here is my situation - I filed my !-485 in Aug 2007 and changed job (without filing any AC-21 paperwork with USCIS) in April 2008. My attorney had looked at new job description and given green signal for change. My entire immigration history of 10 years in US is totally clean with no gaps and with all work autorizations.

    Now, my concern is that the letter that my attorney has prepared for my current employer to sign has lot of legal lingo (AC-21 language, lot of CFRs, info related to my LCA and I-140) and has some language to the effect of supporting my LCA and I-140 till my GC is approved. It also states that my current employer was able to afford to pay my salary since the LCA date. My employer is fortune 5 company so money wise there is no problem but my concern is that they may not want to sign such a lengthy (wordy) legal doc without consulting their Immi attorney. I don't have much time to respond (only 8 more days). So if my employer takes long time or tells me that they can not sign it, I want to be ready with Plan B. Can someone suggest what should I do?

    1 - should I prepare a simple document with job duties, responsibilities, start date, salary etc that my employer will be willing to sign. So at last moment I can atleast get that signed. Something will be better than nothing.
    2 - Should I / (bigger question is can I) ask USCIS to give me more time to respond to RFE?
    3. Provide simple letter from employer with an affedavit or something stating that the new job is same / similar as the old job.

    Sorry for a long post and thanks for any suggestions.


    Don't worry about this RFE, looks like your attorney is over reacting in responding to RFE, my close friend got a similar RFE last year when he used AC 21 without notifying USCIS and joined a new employer, he just responded to the RFE with the copy of the offer letter and a new standard HR letter provided for giving EVL letter for any purpose, but addressed to USCIS signed by an HR representative, upon the RFE response USCIS approved his I 485 within 15 days. USCIS is just trying to make sure you're currently employed and in the same profession, I think just getting the automated EVL and getting it signed by the HR plus your offer letter copy should be sufficient. I myself successfully used AC 21 , but by notifying USCIS after joining new employer and got my GC approved last year without any RFE.

    Good Luck




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  • truthinspector
    01-07 11:40 AM
    Of Satyam's reported cash and bank balances of 53.61 billion rupees on Sept. 30, 50.4 billion rupees was non-existent, Raju said in the letter sent to the Bombay Stock Exchange.

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  • furiouspride
    03-31 04:33 PM
    Thanks guys for your reply. This was tremendous knowledge that you guys dumped in.

    Let's say if I am on the green card (EAD) , then still I can not evade this tax situation correct ?I mean if they pay me and I pay to the company in India who is really responsible for the service.

    Right now, with the current setup, the company in India will have to pay corporate taxes on their overseas income. If I'm not mistaken, IT companies have a reduced tax rate in India. All in all, the 4pc should not be a big damper.


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  • pappu
    03-31 10:49 AM
    For Press Distribution:

    Highly Skilled Professionals Call on Congress to Pass Green Card Reforms

    Immigration Voice Organizes Congressional Advocacy Days for Highly Skilled Legal Professionals

    Washington, D.C. – From April 4-5 2011, over 175 members of Immigration Voice from around the nation will descend onto the nation's capital to ask their congressmen and senators for reforms to the broken Green-Card process.

    “While K-Street, the Hi-Tech industry and Congress is distracted once again by H-1B visas, recycling the same old talking points one more time, Immigration Voice’s laser-like focus remains on the nearly 500,000 highly skilled immigrants who remain backlogged for 10-15 years waiting for their Green Cards,” said Aman Kapoor, president of Immigration Voice. “These highly-skilled professionals believe that the H-1B visa controversy sucks-up all the oxygen in the room whenever employment-based immigration policy is discussed. However, the real problem lies in the fact that there is a huge pool of talent untapped by American employers in the form of highly skilled legal professionals who have been living here on temporary visas as they patiently wait for their Green Cards. These law abiding, tax-paying, highly skilled future Americans, cannot start their own companies and immediately create jobs in America, change employers or accept promotions during the Green Card application process, which now spans 10-15 years. This creates serious quality of life issues and ultimately hurts the U.S. economy.

    “Immigration Voice aims to create awareness with members of Congress, congressional staff and policy makers about the Green Card backlog, which inhibits job creation, entrepreneurship and wealth creation for all Americans. These immigrants are waiting to showcase their innovation leadership with their U.S. work experience American education. Immigration Voice will insist that Congress focus on the Green Card backlog rather than on H-1B visas,” concluded Kapoor.

    Immigration Voice has arranged nearly 350 visits to congressional offices April 4-5 in both the House and Senate. You are invited to meet these activists at their Capitol Hill reception:

    What: Immigration Voice Congressional Reception
    When: 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., Tuesday, April 5th, 2011
    Where: B-340 Rayburn House Office Building

    To learn more and to arrange an interview with Immigration Voice on the dates listed above, Contact: Immigration Voice (202) 386-6250 or

    Founded in December 2005, Immigration Voice is a rapidly growing, national grassroots, non-profit 501 (c)(4) organization with 57,000 highly-skilled legal immigrants as members. Immigration Voice is committed to commonsense reforms to the employment-based immigration and Green Card process.

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  • virald
    08-22 09:53 AM
    It seems like except for one or two people here, individuals who have applied directly at TSC on 2nd July are getting their checks cashed/receipts this week.

    It would be helpful to know if they are done with the transfer of 2nd July cases from NSC to TSC; if so, when and based on that, we can make some educated estimates.

    Do you mean they would work on transfer cases first? My undrestanding is, it is based on the date received!:confused:


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  • dba9ioracle
    09-19 01:20 PM
    The Process of giving Birthright citizenship is a law called Jus Soli(14th Amendment) which was implemented in 1900's . Numbersusa and others are fighting to change the Jus soli to jus sanguinis which gives citizenship based on the child's parents Status to reduce the "Numbers".India Abolished Jus Soli in 1987 and dosent offer Birthright citizenship. I think going this Route to discuss the possibility to fight for parents naturalisation based on child's status will make us no different from Illegal Immigrants.

    I agree.

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  • Jaime
    09-18 09:42 PM
    IV Core and the rally volunteers deserve a HUGE round of applause for the amazing organization of the rally, everything that went into it and the logistics, countless hours and sleepless nights spent. It MORE THAN PAID OFF GUYS!!!! Congratulations and please count on all of us at IV for whatever help we can provide, till we achieve victory!!!

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  • sam_hoosier
    12-17 10:06 AM
    Thank you very much for valuable answer. I appreciate LazyCIS, pmb76 and sam. Then I will wait till 180 days to go.

    Just to clarify, Do I need to look / take jobs only permanent after 180 days?

    Thank you,

    Take a permanent job which is "same or similar" to the one in the underlying LC.

    12-25 04:31 PM
    I am getting mentally prepared for much much longer wait.

    meaning you are also planning to marry a US citizen....nothing wrong
    This trend will accelerate more in years to come.

    When i first came in 1999 marrying us citizen was sort of heard of by IT folks.
    by 2003 i was coming across so many cases of marrying us citizen.

    among non indians its very common resulting in their PD being more recent.
    In fact my friends who went for marrying citizen ...are way better placed in life.

    It become so hard to marry from india now with contract jobs lasting short time and salary being so low after cut form h1b vendors. eventually teh pain will reach the point of yield.

    02-28 02:41 PM
    Awesome work, guys!

    Btw, besides roll call, another influential Capitol Hill publication is "The Hill".

    This story ran in it today. If anything, this (the portion in bold) demonstrates the power of your faxes/emails to lawmakers.



    Anti-immigration groups up against unusual coalition
    By Patrick O’Connor

    The National Restaurant Association usually does not join forces with the National Council of La Raza, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce rarely, if ever, aligns itself with the Conference of Catholic Bishops.

    But those organizations and many others have come together in support of a comprehensive immigration-reform bill that would expand guest-worker programs and offer undocumented workers already in this country a path to citizenship. They are up against an aggressive cross-section of single-issue organizations that favor increased enforcement of immigration laws and have condemned any legislation that would allow undocumented workers already here eventually to become citizens.

    With the Senate Judiciary Committee expected to mark up its version of the immigration bill Thursday, groups on either side of the issue have geared up for a hard fight, and the vehemence and intractability of either side should make compromise particularly difficult for lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

    Staff members of many of the organizations involved in this fight stayed up much of last Thursday night poring over details of draft legislation released by Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) in anticipation of this week’s markup. By Friday afternoon, many of those organizations released statements either heralding or deriding Specter’s draft.

    Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) has said he would like to move a bill to the floor by the end of March, meaning next month is critical in the years-long debate over immigration reform.

    A unique coalition of divergent interest groups have rallied in support of a bill introduced by Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), with select members of the AFL-CIO teaming up with social-welfare organizations, the Chamber and other business groups that support a temporary-worker program.

    “The fact that the Chamber of Commerce needs comprehensive immigration reform is very good,” said Flavia Jimenez, an outreach director for the National Council of La Raza, a Hispanic advocacy organization.

    Members of the business community also appreciate working with groups such as La Raza because it allows the overarching coalition to communicate with Republicans and Democrats alike on Capitol Hill.

    “It’s nice actually to get to work with these guys,” said John Gay, a senior vice president for government affairs with the National Restaurant Association, which co-chairs the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition (EWIC), a group of more than 40 business and trade associations seeking comprehensive reform.

    Because the many groups within this broad coalition have slightly different priorities, they must communicate regularly to push common themes. In the end, these organizations are all fighting for what they consider the best interests of their dues-paying members.

    “When push comes to shove, we will all become … forceful advocates for our members,” Gay said. “If we’re at an impasse on something, it’s not through misunderstanding. When we differ, it will be for real reasons.”

    Despite the breadth of interest groups advocating an expanded guest-worker program, the enforcement-only crowd makes considerably more noise on Capitol Hill, if the flood of mail, e-mail and phone calls to member offices is any indication.

    A handful of single-issue groups opposing the guest-worker program have effectively put the other side on the defensive since President Bush first announced his intentions to push comprehensive immigration reform, as evidenced by the administration’s backtracking since Bush first proposed such a program in January 2004.

    One of those groups, Numbers USA, has 135,000 registered activists throughout the country and an e-mail list in excess of 1 million subscribers, all of whom have signed up voluntarily, said Caroline Espinosa, a spokeswoman for the group. A link on the Numbers USA website also allows browsers to fax a personal note to members of Congress in support of increased enforcement of illegal immigration.

    Numbers USA also does objective and subjective summaries of each bill introduced on the issue and notifies subscribers in advance of any important actions on Capitol Hill, such as this week’s markup. As such, the group was expected to send an alert asking those supporters living in states represented by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to call or fax their members in anticipation of that markup.

    Unlike their counterparts on the guest-worker side of the debate, these single-issue groups do not coordinate to the extent of their rivals.

    “We’re pretty separate,” Espinosa said. “We don’t even share resources, even though we’re all working toward the same goals.”

    Battling with groups like Numbers USA is an uncommon experience for many members of the business community because they do not regularly work on such socially sensitive topics.

    “We don’t usually end up on the other side of single-issue groups,” Gay said. “That’s unusual for us.”

    McCain was scheduled to appear at a union hall in New York City yesterday with a number of these groups as a demonstration of how the expanded guest-worker program is attracting broad, bipartisan support.

    The White House has sent signals to Republicans in both chambers that it favors comprehensive reform, which could include an expanded temporary-worker program. House leaders passed an enforcement-only bill under the assumption that the Senate would take up the more politically difficult guest-worker issue.

    The anti-immigration crowd has political momentum at this stage in the fight, with congressional Republicans wary to cast any vote that could turn off their conservative base during this critical election year, but members will also have a hard time ignoring such a broad cross-section of business, labor and social groups with their own self-interested constituents.

    “We’re not trying to damage America,” Gay said. “We’re just trying to keep our restaurants open.”

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