Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • pani_6
    02-14 05:03 PM
    Guys have any clue as to when the CIR will be taken up by the they have any kind of a calendar??.

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  • gotgc?
    12-19 09:17 PM
    I don't know much about Labor Subs to answer...what I did notice is that your lawyer is through company...not going to generalize, but with company lawyers you really should question them and not believe totally what they say....meaning do your own research too. Company lawyer's are interested in keeping employees longer at company and can sometimes push you to do things to cause that. I don't know why you can't have 2 I 140's. But withdrawing your first one would invalidate your 485/ead and depending on your priority date (which would be 2007/2008) and country of birth, you may not have a chance to apply for 485 for a long long time (meaning stuck in same job for long long time...). Again I don't know much about labor subs, my advice is to do your own reasearch, get answers, opinions, and not just take company's lawyers word on everything.

    You are right! This is our company lawyers. They are very bureaucratic and always says as per company policy...Here is their response that why they have to withdraw:

    "1. An I-140 is a statement the employer makes to the immigration service regarding what job the beneficiary will be performing. We filed an I-140 LC Sub petition on your behalf stating that you will be working in a XXXX position. We will not file another petition stating that you will be working in another position / occupation XXXX without withdrawing the first statement (I-140 LC Sub).

    2. If we file the I-140 based on the LC-PERM, we would interfile it into your pending AOS, so your AOS would be pending based on the pending I-140 (NOT the withdrawn LC Sub)."

    I know that their first point is all "BS" going to fight this with my Manager. But, the second point am not sure.

    Is it possible to interfile if the PD is not current? My pending LC SUB and the PERM LC PD, both are not current. Please confirm whether it is true or not. This will help me make my case.

    Thanks to you all in advance

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  • LostInGCProcess
    02-19 04:16 PM
    Top Five
    1. India ---- $1,456 billion
    2. Russia ---$ 470 billion
    3. UK -------$390 billion
    4. Ukraine - $100 billion
    5. China -----$ 96 billion

    Shame on the Indians who hoard all that public money in some foreign land and making those countries rich. When would the stupid @#$@# @$%#$ politicians and bureaucrats learn that, when they die (and I hope they all die soon) they could not take it with them to Hell.

    We have no guts to fight the terrorism coming from across the border and spent too little on defense, education, sanitation and infrastructure and even today India still looks like the same country that was there before 1947. Nothing significantly changed in terms of literacy or cleanliness or standard of living of majority of individuals.

    I still have a hope that one day a daring and honest person would hold the PM office and clean up the mess.

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  • jsb
    07-23 01:54 PM
    Are the processing times according to the notice date or the received date ? Mine are 4 months apart.

    It is clearly the Notice Date. USCIS website mentions on the processing times page:

    "If your receipt notice date is earlier then the processing date shown, we suggest you call our USCIS Customer Service Office...."

    This makes sense (from their procedural point of view, though not good for clients). ND is very close to date when a case is opened the first time (although stamped RD may be several months earlier). That's the date a service center consider as their receive date, and also shows online as "...your case was received on...". Data for published dates is provided by processing centers. Therefore, they use only dates when they received/opened the case. They don't care if files were in boxes or shuffled for months between centers.

    If your ND is within published processing dates, most likely your case has been opened, reviewed, and perhaps pre-adjudicated. That's all. It does not mean anything more until your PD becomes current. At that point, if they have pre-adjudicated cases, as per procedure described in link mentioned above, they clear them in order of PD.


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  • kokil
    03-08 08:43 AM
    Thank you very much for the reply. The reason for stressing so much is I already started the study and finish 3 subjects. Now again I need to start with new university.
    Doing masters is not a problem.

    U21 has another alternative where they give degree from University of Malbourne, which got AACSB accreditation this year only. If I will continue the education and complete masters and get a degree from University of Malbourne then U21. Will that work?
    Or I need degree from US based university?

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  • prince_waiting
    08-26 03:04 PM
    Even Alabama renews license only till the data on the 1-94


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  • nowhereman
    01-31 10:01 AM
    Are you out of your mind ? You are taking a huge risk by staying in the US and droping your Canadian PR because of some "probable" green card. What makes you think that by the time you finish school the situation will still be better in US. I hope you will not regret this but think about your family. In 3 years you and your family could be happily in BC with free health care, great weather, less stress, travel wherever and whenever you want, have your own law firm.

    OR you could be a stressed H1B (a.k.a educated slave) waiting for I-140, I-485, EAD or whatever to come through.

    Just because you asked, I have been in this same situation. But in my case, the decision was easy. I was on h1b making 69k. The same job in Toronto offer $55k CAD. Much less, but with my freedom to consult on the side and my wife's income we bring over $100k. We vacation in Florida for a month every year to visit friends. Life has never been better.

    Whoever tells you to stay and take the risk is putting your family's hapiness in jeopardy. But the choice is yours. Just don't come here crying when CIS finds a problem with your application.

    Thanks gomirage for your views as an actual Canadian resident! I have worked with several Canadians before, and while they all complained about the high taxes it seemed like they generally thought they had a better lifestyle in Canada than in the US.

    However, some stuff I've been seeing on sites like concerns me. Is Canada really a place where it's more profitable to sit around and collect welfare than to work, assuming you can even find a job? Are Canadians more racist than Americans? Is it really hard to get by career wise and socially if you're not a native or have the appropriate connections?

    I would really like to hear the views of someone having moved to Canada from the US about these issues!

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  • uslegals
    09-20 01:58 PM
    I could not find the link/video to the national anthem sung by Pankaj.! I would appreciate it if somebody can post it here please. thanks!

    Pankaj - if ur reading - man u did a marvellous job.!!


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  • myimmivoice
    04-09 12:37 PM
    The IV is about issues/problems of employment based immigrants, and the goal is to get support as much as possible from every corner in this country to further the cause. Everyone who supports this cause fit in to some category (within legal limits - pro, anti, this group, that lobby, this ethincity, that nationality, etc.), and that does not mean we are promoting something or have preferences for a group. In my opinion any support (with in the legal framework) to the cause of IV from any corner in this country is welcome and should be appreciated.

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  • mirchiseth
    06-04 11:05 AM
    Called USCIS and they are asking me to take an Infopass appointment.

    Update1: Infopass appointment was not useful. They asked us to wait for the notification from MSC.


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  • manchala
    02-23 10:20 AM
    My friends - if you have already applied for 485, you are reaping benefits of 2 year EAD which IV worked for. This inturn saving some money and giving you peace of mind. Please donate a piece of that money towards advocacy efforts and IV. This will help you get your GC faster and help many other. I did my part 100$ towards this advocacy. I asked my friends to do the same and attend if possible.

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  • glus
    10-03 12:32 PM
    I had my FP taken at 9:30AM today. I just checked, and my I485 has a LUD today; immediately after FP were taken. So they did update my case almost immediately after taking FPs.



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  • u.misc
    01-19 09:03 AM
    Why do you think that you are doing a favor to the country as a whole by buying a house.

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  • anilkumar0902
    07-26 07:59 PM
    Glad that you can now move on to the next stage....The wait for dates to be current..Good Luck.


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  • iheartindia79
    09-21 01:52 PM
    Centre: Nebraska
    I485: July 2
    EAD: Approved

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  • shree19772000
    09-29 01:54 PM
    140 Filed at NSC


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  • snarla
    06-25 01:49 PM
    Yes, By I-94 i meant the I-94 i recieved when i last entered the country(which is March 2007)

    It is mentioned on and even on this website that our latest I-94 determines the length of our stay.

    So my question is when we file for our I485, will we be in some kind of status called pending AOS or something like that?

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  • nosightofgc
    10-05 03:27 PM
    One of my colleagues got audit for two consecutive years and he received his green card last month.

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  • chi_shark
    09-16 05:30 PM
    dude, you are a president of a corporation (or at least some type of officer i am thinking) and you have time for all this crap! really, must be really slow for you... dont jump at me please.:)

    50, 100 H1b's.. Are you Kidding me.. Just 22 ! Take a wild guess how much were selected ! 6 ! only 6


    05-26 09:10 PM
    Maybe he had it confused with the Indian Parliament. :)

    11-19 11:58 AM
    Guysssssss N Gals , I got it (I-485 approval) 10 minutes ago!!!!!!!!!!! NO RFE. Recent Luds were on I-140 / I-129 / I-131 ( Luds occered on 10/29 & 11/4) . Been in USA (F1, H1) since Aug 1997.

    My case Details
    EB3, India , PD Oct 2000(Sub.)
    I-140 / I-485 RD : 2/2005
    I-140 : AD 07/2005
    4 EAD / 4 APs

    i would say its a long wait..its high time u get it..congrats..

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